Riders, Three-Day Crew, and Day Volunteers can be part of a Tri-State Trek team. The team component of the Trek is designed to increase awareness and fundraising efforts. All team members receive personalized fundraising pages where they can direct friends and family to share how they're helping to end ALS.

Three-Day Crew and Day Volunteers are not required to fundraise, but we strongly encourage that they do. Lodging and feeding our large group is a significant expense and fundraising helps cover that cost for the weekend.

Don't have any riders on your team? You can create an all-volunteer team!

How it Works
  • Team Captains create a Team when they register. A Team Fundraising Page will then automatically generate.
  • Team Members select a team when they register. This links their individual fundraising page to the Team Fundraising Page.
  • Teams then train together, fundraise together, and put an end ALS together.
Team Fundraising Guidelines
  • A Team Fundraising Goal is determined by adding the minimum fundraising requirement of each individual rider on the team.
  • Donors can contribute to an individual Team Member or to the Team as a whole.
  • All donations benefit the entire Team, so riders who fall short can be helped by other riders on their team who exceed their goal.
  • If a Team does not meet its minimum fundraising requirement, all members will be responsible for the difference.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our Teams program is designed to make fundraising easier and not to give anyone a free ride. All riders are responsible for actively fundraising. Remember that the Tri-State Trek is a fundraiser to end ALS.