About the Tri-State Trek

Traditionally, the Tri-State Trek is a two-day, three-state bike ride that begins in Durham, NH and travels through New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts. The Trek features a 200-mile ride with over 350 participants and has raised over $10 million for ALS research. At their own pace, riders cycle a tri-state marked course starting at the University of New Hampshire traveling through back roads and ocean side. Year after year, riders, crew, and volunteers return to visit their “Trek Family” and new faces share their stories and join the fight.
Anyone and everyone! Whether you are an experienced cyclist signing up for the full ride or a fierce supporter signing up for Trek Your Way experience, anyone can participate! The best part about the Tri-State Trek is that it is a ride, not a race! While we recommend that all cyclists have experience biking, this is open to cyclists of all levels. We strongly advise using the ALS TDI training plan to build up the endurance needed to complete the ride. The Trek Your Way option allows you to create a challenge all your own making it the perfect way for family and friends to get involved that have not been able to participate in the Trek in the past.
We expect to have around 350 participants annually. This includes 250 in person cyclist and 100 virtual participants.
Being a part of a Team at the Tri-State Trek is one of the cornerstones of the event. Various team members have the option to participate in the Trek through any registration option they prefer, including crew members, virtual riders, and in-person cyclists. New teammates will have the opportunity to choose your existing team or create a new team at registration. New teams can be created at any time and new registrants will still be able to join your existing teams. Don't have a team? Join Team ALS TDI! All are welcome!
The ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI) is the world's foremost drug discovery lab focused solely on ALS. As a nonprofit biotech we operate without regard to profit or politics. Led by drug development experts and people with ALS, our Watertown, Massachusetts-based lab is funded by a global network of supporters unified to end ALS. Our mission is to discover and develop effective treatments for ALS.
Whether you're riding 30 or 200 miles, you need to train. Our comprehensive 12-week Training Guide will help you get started and we can connect you with an experienced Trek rider if you have questions. It's not easy but you can do this!

In-Person Registration

The Tri-State Trek is a fully supported ride featuring bright directional signs along the entire route, ride marshals for assistance and a hotline is available in case of a flat tire, fatigue, or emergency. Rest stops are located every 15-20 miles to allow cyclists the opportunity to rest, fill their water bottles, use the restroom, snack, stretch, etc. The Tri-State Trek team provides all accommodations, bike techs, food and beverage, and more!
While it is everyone's goal to complete the ride, sometimes things do not go according to plan and that's okay! It is not a requirement to finish the ride if a cyclist decides to stop. Cyclists will need to report this to ALS TDI staff if he/she/they make this decision.
In-person, cyclists have the option to register as a 1-day or 2-day cyclist.
The festivities begin with an optional early check-in and Welcome Dinner on Friday, June 21st at the University of New Hampshire. The official ride will begin the following morning on Saturday, June 22nd, and conclude on Sunday, June 23rd. All meals and lodging are included throughout the weekend. Along the route, cyclists can expect fully stocked rest stops every 15-20 miles, clearly marked directional signs to follow, a dedicated crew, and more! On Saturday, June 22nd, we will host the renowned “We Are Trek Family” program, where we will present the annual Tri-State Trek awards, the famous Saturday Night Trek Open-Mic night, and more. The ride concludes on Sunday, June 23rd with a large celebration of the weekend.
The Tri-State Trek utilizes local college dormitories along the route for overnight accommodations. Both Friday and Saturday nights are included in the registration. Rooms will be booked at double occupancy, with the option to request a private room available for a fee. Registrants are offered the opportunity to request roommates during registration.
Yes, we will be providing a bus to and from the University of New Hampshire. The bus will leave Logan Airport on Friday, June 23rd at 2:00 pm EST and drop you off at the University of New Hampshire. The bus return to Logan Airport from the University of New Hampshire will leave at 6:00 pm EST.
If you have already registered for the Tri-State Trek but would like to ride the bus from Logan to UNH, please reach out to tristatetrek@als.net.
If you are unable to take the bus to the University of New Hampshire there are a couple of different ways you can get there.
Downeaster - Amtrak Train
You will be able to take this train from North Station directly to the University of New Hampshire. Click here to book your train ticket.
Enterprise has provided the Tri-State Trek with cars and rental vehicles every year to help us transport all we need to make this amazing event happen. Click here to book your reservation.
The Tri-State Trek is a proud partner of Unlimited Biking, who offer both rental bikes and personal bike shipping. Unlimited Biking features many rental options, each equipped with standard flat pedals/option to install your own and a helmet. If you prefer to ship your bike out for the event, Unlimited Biking offers full-service assembly, drop off & pick up from the University of New Hampshire, and return shipping. Click link here to book Unlimited Biking services for the Tri-State Trek 2024.

Virtual Registration

Virtual Tri-State Trek participants can choose to ride in their homes using a stationary bike/trainer or ride outdoors while practicing social distancing. Riders are encouraged to cycle 200 miles to replicate the 2-day Tri-State Trek mileage. Cyclists have from May 1-June 30, 2024 to complete their miles.
Virtual Tri-State Trekers will also gain access to several virtual Trek events throughout the season, including the “We Are Trek Family” Saturday Night Program. While not required, we encourage all participants to log their rides on Strava as a way to connect with others, compete with friends, and enjoy the virtual company of your Trek family!
No. Cycling the traditional Tri-State Trek route as a virtual rider is prohibited. Every town is working hard to continue keeping their community safe and has made specific arrangements for only those participating in the in-person Trek. Choosing to ride the route jeopardizes our valuable relationships with town officials and could result in a termination of our partnership.
Cycling hundreds of miles is HARD! We've added the Trek Your Way participation option so that you can get involved in whatever way you want! Get creative! As a Trek Your Way participant you can choose to ride, walk, run - whatever you like! The Trek Your Way option allows for total flexibility and makes it easy for anyone at any age or stage to get involved!
Trek Your Wayers will also gain access to several virtual Trek events throughout the season, including the “We Are Trek Family” Saturday Night Program. While not required, we encourage all participants to log their rides on Strava as a way to connect with others, compete with friends, and enjoy the virtual company of your Trek family!
Strava is a social network for athletes! Using the Virtual Tri-State Trek Strava Page as well as the Trek Your Way Strava Pages, cyclists can post about their ride and interact with other Tri-State Trek cyclists as they complete their ride. While not required, we strongly encourage all Tri-State Trek participants to stay socially engaged as they are completing their ride/challenge! Create a free account and use the orange plus symbol to upload an activity.
Virtual Tri-State Trek participants are encouraged to complete their pledged miles between May 1, 2024 and June 30, 2024.
Just like the traditional Tri-State Trek, it is not a requirement to finish the ride or complete all the miles. However, participants will have a greater amount of time to reach their goal so we hope you do!

Crew and Volunteer Registration

We can't ride without our dedicated crew and volunteers! 2-day Crew Options include: Registration Crew, Medical Crew, Rest Stop Crew, Ride Marshals, Takedown Crew, Bike Techs, Lunch Crew, Cheer Squad, and Route Support.
No, crew and volunteers are not obligated to fundraise, though additional donations are always appreciated.
Crew and volunteers must be at least 15 years old to volunteer for the event.


2-Day Riders have a required fundraising minimum of $2,500. 1-Day Riders have a required fundraising minimum of $1,250. 2-Day Young Professionals Riders (Under 35) have a required fundraising minimum of $2,000. 1-Day Young Professionals Riders (Under 35) have a required fundraising minimum of $1,000. Virtual cyclists have a required fundraising minimum of $1,000. Trek Your Way registrants have a suggested fundraising minimum of $500. All Tri-State Trek participants have until October 29, 2024, to reach their fundraising minimums. Every dollar raised at the Trek goes toward finding effective treatments and cures for ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease.
Of course you can! Any and all donations are appreciated and being put to immediate use in the lab.
The Dedicate a Mile program allows you to select one mile along the Tri-State Trek route and dedicate it to a loved one. Dedications are shown at the in-person event, on the interactive route map and on social media. Your loved one will then be recognized on the interactive route map featured on this page. All members of the community are welcome to join us by acknowledging someone special to you and inspiring those who are riding to #EndALS. Visit https://als.net/dedicateamile for more information.
Both In-Person and Virtual Tri-State Trek participants will receive a limited edition 2024 cyclist's jersey. In-person riders will receive their jersey at registration on June 21st-22nd. Virtual riders will have their jerseys mailed to their homes before the event.
Special edition 2024 Tri-State Trek t-shirts will be available for purchase in registration for a $25 fee. All registered crew members will receive a t-shirt free of cost.