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About the Tri-State Trek

Traditionally, the Tri-State Trek is a three-day, three-state bike ride that begins in Boston, MA and ends in Greenwich, CT. The Trek features a 270-mile ride with over 450 participants, and has raised over $9.5 million for ALS research. At their own pace, cyclists cycle a tri-state marked course starting at Boston College, Chestnut Hill, and finishing with a victory ride down Greenwich Avenue and picnic on the banks of the Long Island Sound. Year after year, riders, crew, and volunteers return to visit their “Trek Family” and new faces share their story and join the fight. To accommodate COVID-19 guidelines, we've made adjustments to the 2021 event. See 2021 Registration Options below for details.

Anyone and everyone! The best part about the Tri-State Trek is that it is a ride, not a race! While we recommend that all cyclists have experience biking, this is open to cyclists of all levels. We strongly advise using the ALS TDI training plan to build up the endurance needed to complete the ride.

Traditionally, there are approximately 300-350 cyclists each year. Due to COVID-19, the 2021 event will have a limited number of cyclists.

The Tri-State Trek is a fully supported ride featuring bright directional signs along the entire route, ride marshals for assistance and a hotline is available in case of flat tire, fatigue or emergency. Rest stops are located every 15-20 miles to allow cyclists the opportunity to rest, fill their water bottles, use the restroom, snack, stretch, etc. The Tri-State Trek team provides all accommodations, luggage transportation between locations, bike techs, food and beverage, and more!

While it is everyone's goal to complete the ride, sometimes things do not go according to plan and that's okay! It is not a requirement to finish the ride if a cyclist decides to stop. Cyclists will need to report this to ALS TDI staff if he/she/they makes this decision.

Yes, we partner with Urban AdvenTours to provide bikes for cyclists who are interested in renting a bicycle. To receive a 15% discount off of rentals for the Tri-State Trek, please visit Urban AdvenTours website and use the code urbangivesback2021. There is also limited space for delivery and pick up, $25 each way.

For more information about Urban AdvenTours, please visit the following links:

Bike Rental:
Charity Rides:

Yes, cyclists can contact Urban AdvenTours to arrange bike shipment to the Tri-State Trek.

For more information, please use this link:

2021 Registration Options

Anyone and everyone! Whether you are an experienced cyclist signing up for the full ride or a fierce supporter signing up for Trek Your Way experience, anyone can participate! The Trek Your Way option allows you to create a challenge all your own making it the perfect way for family and friends to get involved that have not been able to participate in the Trek in the past.

In order to observe COVID-19 restrictions in the state of Massachusetts and respect the need for social distancing, we will be offering a condensed version of the traditional Tri-State Trek for 2021. Current state guidelines restrict our ability to safely cross state lines and move daily to various college campuses. Therefore, we have made the decision to host the 2021 event using one single home base – the new ALS TDI Lab Space in Watertown, MA! In addition, we are limiting the days of the in-person event to allow participants more time to quarantine before and after the event. The 2021 event will include a one-day century ride.

In addition, state guidelines require that we limit the number of in person participants for the 2021 Tri-State Trek. As we anticipate having more registrants than spots available, we will be holding a drawing to select participants. After completing registration, interested cyclists will be put into a drawing and those selected will be offered an official spot for the In-Person Tri-State Trek.

The In-Person Trek will take place on Saturday, June 26, 2021 with an option to arrive early on Friday, June 25th to join the Welcome Celebration. The In-Person Tri-State Trek will offer participating cyclists the opportunity to ride a century (100 miles) loop ride through scenic Massachusetts. The ride will start end in the same location, the new ALS TDI lab in Watertown, MA and cyclists will stay overnight on Saturday. The day will include all of the amenities you’ve come to expect on the traditional Trek, including clearly marked directional signs along the route, fully stocked rest stops, a full Lunch Stop, dedicated crew, and more! The evening will conclude with the renowned “We Are Trek Family” program, where we will present the 2021 Tri-State Trek awards, the famous Saturday Night Trek Open-Mic night and more. Come prepared to laugh, cry, smile, make a new friend, and so much more.

In lieu of dorm rooms, for the 2021 event we will utilize hotel rooms located within walking distance (0.25 miles) from the ALS TDI Watertown lab. A one night stay (Saturday, June 26th) is included with the In-Person Tri-State Trek registration. The option to book a secondary night on Friday, June 25th is available for a fee. Rooms will be booked at double occupancy, with the option to request a private room available for a fee. Registrants are offered the opportunity to request roommates during registration. Since only select cyclists will be able to participate in person, we encourage riders to include the full names of all potential roommates during the registration process. We will not be able to accommodate requests made.

No. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will not be able to have spectators or guests at this year's in-person event. For the safety of our community, only registered cyclists, event crew and ALS TDI staff with official Trek wristbands will be permitted to participate on Saturday, June 26th.

While priority placement will be given to cyclists who have traditionally supported the Trek in years past, the drawing will use a randomized number generator to select cyclists for the in-person slots. Interested cyclists will have until the new extended date of April 16th to enter the drawing by registering for the In-Person Tri-State Trek. Once the drawing takes place, ALS TDI will notify those selected and those not selected via email. Selected participants will be given five days to either accept or decline the spot. Non-responsive selections will result in forfeit of the spot. Those next in line on the drawing list will then be offered the option to ride in-person. All interested cyclists who registered between March 1-31st should receive communications on their ride status no later than Friday, April 2nd. Cyclists who register between April 1-16th will receive communications on their ride status no later than Tuedsay, April 20th.

Please note, those selected in the drawing are awarded an individual slot for the in-person event, not a slot for a team. That said, we still want Trek teams to register and fundraise together this year. We encourage team members who are not selected for the in-person event to ride with us through the Virtual Trek.

Registrations not selected in the drawing will be automatically registered for the Virtual Tri-State Trek. If you are only interested in participating in the live event and do not want to be automatically registered to ride virtually, you may opt out of this during registration.

Virtual Tri-State Trek participants can choose to ride in their homes using a stationary bike/trainer or ride outdoors while practicing social distancing. Cyclists can cycle up to 270 miles to replicate the traditional Tri-State Trek mileage from Boston to Greenwich, or they can choose the shorter 2021 ride option of 100 miles to replicate the ride around the new ALS TDI lab in Watertown, MA. Cyclists have from May 1-June 30, 2021 to complete their miles.

Virtual Tri-State Trekers will also gain access to several virtual Trek events throughout the season, including a Trek Together Cycling Day and the “We Are Trek Family” Saturday Night Program. While not required, we encourage all participants to log their rides on Strava as a way to connect with others, compete with friends, and enjoy the virtual company of your Trek family!

No. Cycling the traditional Tri-State Trek route as a virtual rider is prohibited. Every town is continuing to keep their community safe during the pandemic and has made specific arrangements for only those participating in the in-person Trek. Choosing to ride the route jeopardizes our valuable relationships with town officials and could result in a termination of our partnership. Visitors cycling the route could bring crowds or sicknesses that could easily spread among the community.

Cycling hundreds of miles is HARD! We've added the Trek Your Way participation option so that you can get involved in whatever way you want! Get creative! As a Trek Your Way participant you can choose to ride, walk, run - whatever you like! The Trek Your Way option allows for total flexibility and makes it easy for anyone at any age or stage to get involved!

Trek Your Wayers will also gain access to several virtual Trek events throughout the season, including a Trek Together Cycling Day and the “We Are Trek Family” Saturday Night Program. While not required, we encourage all participants to log their rides on Strava as a way to connect with others, compete with friends, and enjoy the virtual company of your Trek family!

Strava is a social network for athletes! Using the Virtual Tri-State Trek Strava Page as well as the Trek Your Way Strava Pages, cyclists can post about their ride and interact with other rekers as they complete their ride. While not required, we strongly encourage all Trek participants to stay socially engaged as they are completing their ride/challenge! Create a free account and use the orange plus symbol to upload an activity.

We ask that all participants complete their pledged miles between the dates of May 1, 2021 and by June 30, 2021.

Just like the traditional Tri-State Trek, it is not a requirement to finish the ride or complete all the miles. However, participants will have a greater amount of time to reach their goal so we hope you do!

New teammates will have the opportunity to choose your existing team, or create a new team at registration. Various team members have the option to participate in the Trek through any registration option they prefer. While some may ride in-person, others may swim their miles, and the rest may bike virtually.

Both In-Person and Virtual Tri-State Trek participants will receive a limited edition 2021 cycling jersey. In-person cyclists will receive their jersey at registration on June 25th-26th. Virtual cyclists will have their jerseys mailed to their homes before the event.

Special edition 2021 Tri-State Trek t-shirts will be available for purchase in registration for a $25 fee. All registered crew members will receive a t-shirt free of cost.

COVID-19 Guidelines

Thanks to the support of our amazing donors, ALS TDI was able to continue the pace of ALS research in 2020, despite the pandemic. However, COVID-19 continues to impact our fundraising in 2021, and the money raised at the Tri-State Trek will be pivotal in allowing us to move forward with promising research.

  • We have adjusted the traditional three-state model of the Trek to a condensed one-day model.
  • We are limiting the number of potential cyclists, crew and staff members who are able to participate in the 2021 event.
  • We have included a new page in the registration process dedicated entirely to COVID-19 related questions, language and participation waivers.
  • In-Person Trek participants will be asked to quarantine 10 days before AND after the Tri-State Trek event on Saturday, June 26th.
  • All participants, cyclists and crew members are required to follow our strict requirements including daily temperature checks, standing 6 feet apart and our “Feet on the Ground” protocol: When not actively cycling or eating, all must wear protective face masks covering nose and mouth. To maximize appropriate social distancing, this event will be held entirely outdoors and all meals will be catered as “grab and go”.
  • All food and beverage at the start/finish line, rest stops, lunch stop, and evening celebrations will be single serve.
  • Sanitation stations will be placed throughout the event.
  • For the safety of our community, we are not allowing guests or spectators access to the 2021 event.
  • For more information about current CDC Guidelines, please visit

COVID-19 related questions include, but are not limited to: Have you ever tested positive for the COVID-19 virus? How will you be traveling to the event? Will you have the capability to quarantine 10 days before AND after the event? Are you willing to produce a negative COVID-19 test result before the event if asked? And If available, are you willing to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

No. We understand that at this time not everyone will be able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. However, we strongly encourage those who can get it prior to the event to do so in helping to keep our community safe.

All participants traveling from outside of MA must follow the state's regulation of quarantining for 10 days after arrival or provide a negative COVID-19 test result that has been administered up to 72 hours prior to arrival in Massachusetts. For MA residents, while 10 day quarantine before and after is not required, we encourage for participants to do so if you have any symptoms.

The drawing will be at random with priority given to cyclists who have historically participated in the annual Trek. We want to ensure that this is a safe event for everyone and the community. If there is a response that puts our community at risk at the time of the event, we will have to decide what would be best for all participants.


In-Person Tri-State Trek registrants have a required fundraising minimum of $2,000. Virtual Tri-State Trek registrants have a required fundraising minimum of $1,000. Trek Your Way registrants have a suggested fundraising minimum of $350. All Tri-State Trek participants have until October 15, 2021 to reach their fundraising minimums.

Of course you can! Any and all donations are appreciated and being put to immediate use in the lab.

Your loved one will still be honored on our virtual Dedicate a Mile page with an interactive map of all Tri-State Trek dedications along the route. Please visit for more information.