Changes to the Tri-State Trek

If this is the first year you are registering for the Tri-State Trek, feel free to skip to the bottom of the page and continue.

Return registrants: If you are registering as “3-Day Crew” or “Here to Cheer”, you'll notice that these options have changed in order to make sure the Tri-State Trek continues to be an effective fundraiser for the ALS Therapy Development Institute and its commitment to ending ALS.

The number of 3-Day Crew registrants is now capped at the minimum number of crew we need to run the event (if you are signing up as a Bike Tech or Medical Crew registrant, nothing has been changed for you). 3-Day Crew must participate in their position all 3-days. “Here to Cheer” is no longer an option and has been replaced with “Weekend Support”. Once the now-capped 3-Day Crew positions have been filled, registrants interested in volunteering all 3-days (who in the past would have signed up as 3-day Crew) will be encouraged to sign up as Weekend Support and must cover the cost of their participation through fundraising.

Weekend Support volunteers accompany Trek riders all 270 miles. All food and lodging is provided. All Weekend Support volunteers receive online fundraising pages and must meet their minimums by the deadline (see registration and FAQs). Weekend Volunteers may serve in any position they wish on a first come, first served basis. Select your desired position during registration and it will be confirmed with you before the event.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please email

I have read and understand the changes