Urban Adventours in Boston, MA, is the official bike shop for the Tri-State Trek.

For a fee, Urban Adventours will deliver your bike to the Boston College starting line, receive and assemble your bike, and disassemble and box your bike after the ride. You must ship your bike to arrive by June 14, 2019 and include a UPS return shipping label. Please call ahead to let them know to expect your bike via phone at 617.670.0637. Don't want to ship your bike? You can rent a bike from Urban Adventours for the weekend. Check out their website or call at 617.670.0637 for more information.

Participants must make their own rental and delivery arrangements. We can transport rented and shipped build-up bikes back to Boston at no additional charge as long as they were rented or shipped through Urban Adventours.

Urban Adventours
103 Atlantic Ave
Boston, MA 02110
ATTN: Tri-State Trek