Ten Year Award

This award recognizes participants who have attended the Tri-State Trek for ten years.

Top Individual Fundraisers

This award recognizes participants who raise $5,000 by June 1, 2019.

Top Team Fundraisers

The three teams who have raised the most money will be recognized as “Top Team Fundraisers” at the following year's event (2018's top teams will be awarded at the 2019 Trek).

Starry Porter Outstanding Crew

Named in honor of Ric Starry and Kevin Porter, two of the most devoted and longest-participating 3-day crew members dedicated to ending ALS. This award recognizes volunteer crew members who go above and beyond, annually committing their time and energy to supporting the Tri-State Trek.

2016 Awardees
  • Lisa Bonardi
  • Juliana Bonardi
  • James McSherry
  • Melvin Goss
  • Joan Goss
  • Darin Goss
  • Judy Goss
  • Brendan Goss
2017 Awardees
  • Tsun Au Yeung
  • Scott Bridges
  • Heather Bridges
  • Alex Bridges
  • Abby Bridges
2018 Awardees
  • Sara Dorman
  • Lauren Rubenstein
  • Sue Marchewka
Forster Saling Spirit and Inspiration Awards

Named in honor of Bobby Forster and Steve Saling, two of the most positive and active members of the ALS community who have encouraged many friends and family members to team together and join the fight against ALS. This award recognizes participants who continually seek to grow and better the Tri-State Trek through building teams and fostering inter-team and participant unity to end ALS.

2016 Awardees
  • Bobby Forster
  • Steve Saling
  • Rinaldo Dorman
  • Andrew Ruggierio
2017 Awardees
  • Andy Rubenstein
  • Betsy Macdonnell
  • Jeremy and Amy Truman
2018 Awardees
  • Andrew Niblock
  • Christina Muccio
  • Team What About Bobby
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