Since 2003, the Trek has raised over $7 million for ALS research

Money is getting in the way of advancing a very promising treatment for ALS. Your participation helps move that roadblock and fast.

ALS is a death sentence. That's just not ok. But as the world's foremost drug discovery center focused solely on ALS, the ALS Therapy Development Institute has the greatest potential for a treatment or cure.

Your Impact

ALS TDI is working aggressively on advancing potential treatments including AT-1501, a novel antibody that acts in a highly targeted way to tamp down the immune system, and protects nerves from the progression of ALS. Significant funding is needed to take AT-1501 out of the lab freezer and into people who need and deserve to keep living. With 87% of every dollar donated going directly to ALS research at ALS TDI, your participation in the Tri-State Trek plays a significant role in removing the death sentence from ALS.