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Riding in memory of my dad and for my friends who no longer can

<h1>Katie Shambo's Fundraising Page</h1>

Hi friends,

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page! This summer I will be participating in my first Tri State Trek, a 270 mile bike ride from Boston College to Greenwich, CT. Before registering for this race I had never been on a road bike, but I am ready for the challenge!

I’ll be riding in memory of my dad, Joe Shambo, who passed away in 2005 after living with ALS for seven years. Prior to his diagnosis he was an avid runner (ran the Boston Marathon in 1993), athlete, and outdoorsman who would have joined me in the trek if he could. I’m also riding in honor of my friends who have passed away from this disease and for my friends living with ALS.

All money raised will go to the ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI) in Cambridge, MA. The lab is the world’s leading drug discovery center focused solely on ALS.

Any contribution, no matter the amount, will aid in finding a cure to end ALS!!! It is not an incurable disease, only underfunded. Please support the TDI in this race against time.

Thank you so much for your donation.






  • The Tom Shambo Family $500.00

    Best of luck on this journey and thank you for all you do to raise awareness of ALS

  • The Ryan's $350.00

    In loving memory of Joey and the ongoing fight to cure ALS. Go Katie!!.

  • Scott Sipple $250.00

  • Michael Atkin $250.00

    Enjoy the ride

  • Brett Kozlowski $250.00

  • TJ Jacobs $200.00

  • Aunt Sue, Uncle Tom, TJ & Ben $200.00

  • Joe S. $200.00

  • Joseph Shambo $200.00

  • Mike Cirocco $100.00

    See you at the finish line!

  • Anonymous $100.00

    Very proud of you, Katie. Ride like the wind!

  • David Jayne $100.00

    I admire your courageous spirit, Sweetheart! Thank you so much, Katie!!!! You can do this!!!! All the best, David

  • Ryan Thornton $100.00

  • Jen Karpinski $100.00

  • Jo Anne Ferullo $100.00

    Go, Katie! You can do it!

  • Rob Costello $100.00

    Good luck with the ride, Katie!!

  • Kevin Cotter $100.00


  • Anonymous $100.00

    Go Katie!

  • Caroline Edwards $100.00

  • Rob Davis $100.00

    Best of luck, Katie!

  • Joanne Driscoll $100.00

  • Rob Salvin $100.00

  • Greg Weissman $100.00

    Good Luck!!

  • Meghan & Mike $100.00

    We Love You!!!

  • Corey Parrott $100.00

    In loving memory of Joe. He remains an inspiration for me!

  • In Loving Memory of Raymond Luther $100.00

    Katie, good luck. Have fun and keep up the good work.

  • Auntie, Uncle Jason, Connor and Caleb $100.00

    You are so amazing and we are so proud of you!!!

  • Mike & Pam McNamara $100.00

  • Colleen & Bob Manning $75.00

  • Kay R. $75.00

  • Kamran Hamid $50.00

  • Kevin Calabro $50.00

  • Paul Brooks $50.00

    Go Katie Shambo!!❤️️

  • Dan McCarthy $50.00

    Go Katie!! I'll be rooting for you!

  • Lauren Butterworth $50.00

    Best of luck Katie!

  • Katie Mulvee $50.00

    Go Katie!!!!

  • Debby Olivieri $50.00

  • Helen Carr $50.00

  • Jyotsana $50.00

    Good Luck!

  • Taylor Manning $50.00

  • Christine Comer $50.00

  • Kat Burke $50.00

    Best wishes, Katie! Stay strong.

  • Kathleen Murphy $50.00

  • Megan Averitt $50.00

    Proud of you, Katie!

  • Anonymous $50.00

    Good luck Katie!! :)

  • Fran Phillips $40.00

    Thank you for doing this!

  • Angelica Vasquez $30.00

    Good luck Katie!

  • Chloe Anderson $25.00

    Good luck Katie!! Have fun and have a margarita when your done!

  • Susan Bane $25.00

  • Cathryn Gartmann $25.00

  • Nancy Yablonski $25.00

    Donation in memory of my work colleague June Wong.

  • Penelope Reilly $25.00

  • Netaya $20.00

    You go girl 💪🏻

  • Good luck! John Nunes $20.00

    What an incredible gesture and honor to your Dad. Best of luck, you got this! John Nunes

  • Katie Heinichen Hidden

  • The Polsinello Family Hidden

    Such a great cause! Good luck Katie!

  • Beverly Young Hidden

    Enjoy your ride!! You go girl.

  • Tucker Donahoe Hidden

  • Shelby Centofanti Hidden

  • Alex Devendorf Hidden

    Way to go Katie!!

  • Michael Meehan Hidden

  • Mary Somers Hidden

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