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Riding 270 Miles in 3 days for Team Bannon-Crush ALS

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One again this summer, I am privileged and honored to ride in the three-day, 270-mile Tri-State Trek, a fundraiser for the ALS Therapy Development Institute.  Thanks to the support of many of my friends and colleagues, the team that I am blessed to ride with, Team Bannon/Crush ALS, raised over $200,000 for the cause in 2016.  That's an increase of over $28,000 from the prior year. We were proud to be the top fundraising team for each of the last three years and are committed to retaining our title.  If you could witness, as I have, the spirit and dedication of the living saints who care for those afflicted with this dreaded disease and who work tirelessly for the eradication of it, you would know why we riders relish the opportunity to ride for this cause. 

But our job will not be done until a cure is found.  That need, reinforced by the facts below, is why I ride, and will continue to ride, in the Tri State Trek, the Ride to End ALS, until the goal is met: 

  • 450,000 people live with ALS globally, 30,000 of whom are in the U.S.  
  • Any disease impacting less than 200,000 in the U.S. is considered a rare disease, effecting the level of funding for research into a cure.
  • Almost 6,000 people per year are diagnosed with ALS in the U.S.  That means that the average life span for someone diagnosed is around 5 years.   The lack of long term survivors also impacts fundraising for research.

The Tri State Trek funds close to 10% of the ALS TDI annual budget. 

While I have not had a relative diagnosed with ALS, I have clearly been impacted by the disease through the people I have met who are associated with the Tri State Trek and ALS TDI.  The riders and those they ride for, as well as the doctors and staff at ALS TDI, are truly inspirational. It is rewarding to see our team grow and our fund raising efforts flourish for such a worthwhile cause. This is the only cause for which you will ever receive a fundraising plea from me.

The 270 mile, three-day bike ride, from Boston to Greenwich, CT,  takes place June 23-25, 2017.  I am asking that you support me as we make our way through the winding hills of Massachusetts and Connecticut.  Your contribution will place your name on the list of recipients of my daily ride updates, as I share this wonderful experience with you.

Please be as generous as you can. And please take a moment to view the inspirational video attached describing this epic ride.  I hope that you will find this to be a worthwhile cause.  Thank you, in advance, for your support.

Riding for a cure,







  • Fred Klein $3,000.00

  • Kevin Conway $1,500.00

  • Robert Higgins $1,000.00

  • Mike & Pat Shehorn $500.00

    So proud of you and to be a part of your prayer and funding team!

  • Barry Alberts $500.00

    Go Bob!

  • John and Lynne $300.00

    We are very impressed by your commitment and dedication, Mr. Higgins

  • Bill Vincent $250.00

    Ride strong Team Bannon knowing that each push of your pedal brings the funds to continue the research for a cure!

  • Pete and Jenny Stefani $250.00

    Bob and team, thank you for your dedication and commitment to ALS!

  • Doherty & Progar LLC $250.00

    Best of luck on meeting your goals and finishing the ride

  • Goldberg Foundation $250.00

  • Melissa Fang $250.00

  • Phil & Judy Abbinanti $200.00

  • Andrew & Corban Crain $200.00

    Bob, we are happy to support you in honor of the memory of our friend, Keith Baker.

  • The Wibbenmeyer Family $150.00

    Good luck Bob!

  • Selma and Terry Schohn $150.00

  • Ed, Donna and Andrew Dernulc $150.00

    Bob, it is our privilege to sponsor your tireless efforts for this wonderful cause.

  • Mike Brancheau and Stephanie Smith $150.00

  • Timothy Nickels $150.00

  • Mike Bremner (and my senior classes) $125.00

  • The McAveeney Family $100.00

    Part of Mr. Bremner's senior class @ Benet Academy

  • Kathy Hunt $100.00

  • William and Mary Lou Higgins $100.00

  • Jean and Bill Cook $100.00

    Bob, It is an honor to support your efforts for ALS. We wish you good health and good weather to bike.

  • James Karela $100.00

  • Katherine Bazzoni $100.00

  • Jonathan Withrow $100.00

  • Liz and Mike Higgins $100.00

  • Yeager Family $100.00

  • William Cotton $100.00

  • The Dalton Family $50.00

  • Chester Lloyd $50.00

  • The Beckstedt Family $50.00

    Good luck with the ride!

  • Vince Laughlin/MB Financial $50.00

    Inspiring commitment for a terrific cause!

  • Charles Brancheau $50.00

  • Denise and Joe Joyce $50.00

    Looking forward to your updates from the ride!

  • Tom and Anna Haunert $50.00

  • Richard Itskov $25.00

  • Melissa & Bill Hidden

    Proud to support you and your team for such a great cause! Ride safely and find a cure!

  • Dean and Karin Teglia Hidden

  • Erik Overberger Hidden

  • The Feeney Family Hidden

  • Liner LLP & Stark Law Group, P.C. Hidden

    Great Cause!

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