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Riding for those who no longer can

<h1>Michaela's Fundraising Page</h1>

This June I will be riding 105 miles from Boston College to UCONN on Day 1 of a 3 day/275 mile ride for ALS on team What About Bobby! This is my first baby step into my future ALS rides so I appreciate any and all support I can get.

My efforts are to help raise money for ALS TDI to find a cure for ALS but most importantly to celebrate and support my great friend's brother, BOBBY! He is such an amazing and inspirational person. Even after meeting him once, I don't know how anyone could forget about him.

Please support my efforts, even the smallest donation is appreciated. Then make sure you keep me in your thoughts on this day as I lose feeling in my arseeeee.... I mean, legs.

                    Thank You!







  • Chris Duffelmeyer $100.00

  • Peter Brzoza $100.00

    Thanks Michaela!

  • Auntie Kathy $80.00

    Great job Michaela & Tyler!!!

  • Jason Fitzgerald $75.00

  • Kim Carr $50.00

  • Steven Wood $50.00

  • Michaela Pelletier $50.00

  • Ralph Campbell $50.00

    Good Luck


  • Casey Leonard $20.00

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