Stephanie Joy's Fundraising Ride for ALS' Fundraising Page

Riding for a cure for an amazing friend.

<h1>Stephanie Joy's Fundraising Ride for ALS' Fundraising Page</h1>

This summer I am riding 270 miles to find an effective treatment for ALS.

A good friend and IBM colleague was diagnosed nearly 2 years ago with this disease.  I am proud to be part of TEAM ERNIE, as I am proud to be his friend.   Ernie has an indomitable spirit and continues to live life to the fullest and inspires us all with his optimism.  Please support my efforts and fund this ride.




  • Joan/Dave Stapleton $150.00

    Stephanie, you're always a leader; what a tribute to Ernie...thanks from us all.

  • John and Jean $125.00

  • Skip and Lu Ahneman $100.00

    Ride, Steph, Ride! Love to Ernie!

  • Jacques Millett $100.00

  • Chris and Don $100.00

    God Bless

  • Bruce Liddell $100.00

    Thanks Stephanie.......We much appreciate your effort in supporting our good friend Ernie. Good luck and enjoy your ride!

  • Robert Getchell $100.00

    Thank you Stephanie for doing this. Ernie inspires people to do good - always has.

  • Carolyn Hall $100.00

  • Donna and Danny $100.00

  • Anne Hines Kelley $50.00

    Lets beat ALS for Ernie and all the other great individuals out there who are impacted by this disease.

  • terrynevas $50.00

  • Terri Gerber $50.00

  • Thomas Tazza $50.00

    Great cause Stephanie

  • Jim and Kathie $50.00

    Anything for Ernie. Stay well.

  • Bill Froberg, an IBM friend $50.00

    Best wishes to you in this supremely worthy pursuit. On behalf of all who have been touched by this disease directly or otherwise, thank you!

  • The Koury Family $50.00

    Thank you, Stephanie, for your generous gesture. You ride for so many of us. Give Ernie a hug from all of us at the finish line!

  • Debora Cole $50.00

  • Team Ernie $50.00

    I am really proud of you.

  • Gary Vandergrift $50.00

    Thanks for your support SIJoy.

  • Brian Silverman $50.00

  • John and Pam Doubek $50.00

  • Carol and Doug Scheim $50.00

    Congratulations on an awesome accomplishment for a very worthy cause! You are a treasured friend!

  • Linda & Zack Apkarian $50.00

  • Kim Hufschmied $25.00

    Thank you for all your support of Ernie and the disease.

  • Stephanie Joy $20.00

    Getting team Ernie to a new fundraising goal!!

  • Bill Baker Hidden

    In memory of my friend and swim, bike and run mentor of 30 years, Peter Perkins.

  • Dave Serrano Hidden

    Joy to the World !

  • Ernie Fournier Hidden

  • Don McGowan Hidden

    Stay tough, Ernie. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Don McGowan

  • Jeanette Arbogast Shaffer Hidden

    Such a truly magnificent thing to do for a truly magnificent man. God's every blessing to Ernie and Stephanie.

  • Joyce Gearty Hidden

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