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~~Dear friends                                       

At 6am on June 23, I will start the Tri-State Trek for the 6th year.  The Trek is the 270-mile bike ride from Boston to Greenwich, Ct. to raise money and awareness for ALS -- also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

I started riding the Trek in 2012 in honour of my mother-in-law, Betty Anne Chapman.  She was amused that I was going to ride for her to raise money; my focus on ALS funding increased after she died in 2013.  I will never forget the sense of hopelessness our family felt in the face of this devastating illness: no one knows what causes it, it generally results in total paralysis within 2-5 years, and there is no cure.

I ride in Betty Anne’s memory. But now I also ride for all the people I’ve met who are still struggling with this disease. We want to give them hope. Riding this challenging event, raising money, talking about ALS, helps people suffering from the disease face the future with optimism.

Earlier this year, the ALS community received the best news it’s had in decades: The FDA approved the first new drug to treat ALS in over 20 years. There’s evidence the drug slows disease progression among some patients. And while we are thrilled by the positive news, we need to continue funding research until there’s an actual cure.

Our team, Crush ALS/Team Bannon, has been the No. 1 fundraiser for the Trek for the past four years. With your help and generosity, we raised an astonishing $200,000 last year alone, and we hope to do it again. All the money raised benefits Boston-based ALS Therapy Development Institute, the nation’s leading non-profit research lab for ALS (  

I continue to ask for your donations because I believe we are making a difference.  Whether you give once or annually, large or small, each bit makes a difference.  Over the years, I have been joined by several friends each year; plan to join in 2018!  To donate, please click “Donate now” or send a check to Crush ALS, c/o me, Clarion Partners, 230 Park Avenue, NY, NY 10169.

Discovery of the new treatment this year makes me hopeful scientists are on their way to a major breakthrough in curing this disease.

Thank you all for your ongoing support:









  • Stephen Furnary $2,500.00

  • Macdonnell Family $2,000.00

  • Owen Thomas $1,000.00

  • James Leitner $1,000.00

  • The Kane Family $500.00

    Thanks for all your hard work in an effort to find a cure for this terrible disease.

  • Anonymous $500.00

  • Richard Pink $500.00

  • Quinns $500.00

  • Sam & Dan $500.00

  • Sonny Kalsi $500.00

  • Jim hendricks $500.00

  • The Hudspeth Family $500.00

  • Barb and Tim Morris $500.00

  • The Killians $500.00

  • The Szilagyi family $500.00

    Hugh, great job with the fundraising! Enjoy your ride.

  • Dean Rostovsky $350.00

  • The Tams $300.00

  • Clarion Partners LLC $260.00

  • The Curnow Family $250.00

    Thank you Uncle Hugh and Team Crush ALS for all that you are doing to raise awareness and money to beat this terrible disease. Grandy/Mom would be so proud of you. May the wind be at your back as yo

  • T Bui $250.00

  • The Jennings Family $250.00

  • The Fung Family $250.00

  • Powells + Smiths $250.00

  • Glenn & Lisa Johnson $250.00

  • Michelle Levy $250.00

  • Verheijden fam $250.00

  • The Schaupp Family $250.00

  • Lipton/Rounthwaite family $250.00

    Hugh, thank you for your efforts for this worthy cause.

  • Leslie & Tim Hughes $250.00

  • Nancy and Mike at Further Capital $250.00

  • The Aronson Family $250.00

  • The Hyun Family $250.00

  • The Weintrob Family $250.00

  • The South Family $200.00

  • The Anderson Family $200.00

  • The Duncan Family $200.00

  • Carol Chang $200.00

  • The Gelb Family $200.00

  • Cris Sullivan $100.00

    Good luck Hugh

  • The Libby Family $100.00

  • Kevin Rendino $100.00

  • Onay Payne $100.00

  • Matt Lepore $100.00

  • Anonymous $100.00

    Good luck! Thank you for raising awareness for such an important cause

  • Lia Montenegrino $100.00

    My mom's best friend's husband had ALS...It was so sad to see him deteriorate. He eventually passed away from it also.

  • Gemma Burgess $100.00

  • Greg Baekey $100.00

  • Guy and Joanne McLean $100.00

  • The Brown Family $50.00

  • in memory of Jeff Steptoe $50.00

  • Katie Caramiciu $50.00

    Thank you for all you do for ALS! In memory of Becky Ramos

  • Gwynne Murphy Hidden

  • Margolis Family Hidden

  • Susan Johnson Hidden

    Well done Hugh and team!

  • Paula Schaefer Hidden

  • Craig Tagen Hidden

  • Sandy Forbes and Stephen Grant Hidden

  • Samantha Horn Hidden

  • Cindy Petlock Hidden

    Hope it's going well!

  • Dave Kutayiah Hidden

  • Aaron Greeno Hidden

  • Susan FitzGibbon Hidden

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