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Riding for Mr. Mooch and all ALS fighters

<h1>Lauren Colby's Fundraising Page</h1>

TEAM MOOCH IS BACK IN ACTION AND OUR MILES ARE PAYING OFF! Just over a month ago, the FDA approved the first new treatment drug for ALS since the last one was approved in 1995! Our team is just so excited and motivated as ever now that we are seeing real results!! 

For the 4th consecutive summer I am participating in the Tri-State Trek and riding 270 miles to raise awareness and funds to help find an end-all cure for ALS. My best friend's father, Fran Muccio, was diagnosed with ALS in 1999 and fought the disease for 10 strong years. Some of the fondest memories I have of Mr. Mooch are of him cheering on Christina at our gymnastics meets. Before every event Christina competed, I would hear "GOOOO CHRISTINA" in a raspy and booming voice. He was her biggest fan and supporter.

Now, I feel that it is my turn to support him and everyone who is fighting or has fought ALS. Fran, and the entire Muccio family, have thought me more about mental and physical toughness than anyone. With Christina, and TEAM MOOCH by my side I am looking forward to the 270 mile challenge knowing that progress is being made and we are getting so much closer to finding a cure!! 

Please consider a donation to TEAM MOOCH, any amount counts! Thank you! 




  • The Colby Family $300.00

  • Mimi Avis $100.00

    We love you and are proud of you

  • Craig $100.00

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