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Riding for a Cure

<h1>Erica Leber's Fundraising Page</h1>

This summer I am riding 270 miles to find an effective treatment for ALS. I am riding in support of my best friend Christina Muccio who lost her father to ALS in 2008. Christina Muccio is one of the strongest people I know, and she has inspired me to ride in order to make a difference and fight for those who no longer can! Year after year this event has continued to change my life and inspires me every June to fight to make a difference for the people affected by this disease. This year I am returning in support Christina by joining her team that was created last year, TEAM MOOCH!!! With Team Mooch and so many other incredible friends, families, and patients of ALS we will keep fighting to make a difference! Please help support my efforts to find a cure for ALS and change the lives of those affected. Every effort counts!
Thank you for your help!




  • Neal Boissonneault $500.00

    Go Get it Erica!!

  • Rick Dorci $300.00

    you go Erica!

  • Grandma & Grandpa $300.00

    Hope you and your team reach your goal. Have a safe, fun trip.

  • Mom and Dad $250.00

    Erica, we are incredibly proud of your work to support ALS. Enjoy the ride and raise tons of money!! Love you, Mom and Dad

  • Steven Ginns $250.00

    May the wind always be at your back!

  • Fitness Together - Auburndale $250.00

    Good luck Erica!!! We will be thinking of you!

  • Fitness Together - Newton Centre $250.00

    Enjoy the ride, Erica!!!

  • Hannah and Jeff Kiel $200.00

  • Anonymous $200.00

  • Pat O'Sullivan $200.00

  • Cosentini Associates $200.00

    Erica, best of luck from your friends at Cosentini Associates

  • Aunt Mellissa and Uncle Mike $150.00

    Killing it every year!!!!

  • Vincent Chiozzi $100.00

  • Laura Korobkin $100.00

  • Lucy Robin $100.00

  • The Arnolds $100.00

    Way to go Erica - Kick A$$ on your ride!

  • L D Winslow $100.00

  • Richard Winslow $100.00

  • Good luck $100.00

  • David Chilinski $100.00

  • The Hudson Family $100.00

  • Bret $75.00

  • Tony Petrillo $50.00

    Never give up.

  • Jim OBrien $50.00

  • Sarah Kirane $50.00

    Proud of you!!! Love, Sarah xoxoxo

  • Frank Teebagy $40.00

  • The Burke's :) $30.00

    So proud of you!! Ride your heart out! Love you!

  • Kristina and Pat $30.00

    Good luck E! You're amazing and you inspire us everyday!

  • Moe McSwiggin $25.00

    Great lady doing great stuff! Thank you doing this and supporting such an important cause!

  • McCusker Gill Hidden

  • Christopher Schaffner Hidden

  • The Duke family Hidden

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