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Riding for a great cause and for those who no longer can.

<h1>David Vance's Fundraising Page</h1>

This summer I am riding 270 miles to find an effective treatment for ALS.

Our ride is from Boston to Greenwich.  We travel 100 miles on Friday, June 23, 95 miles on Saturday, and then 75 miles on Sunday as we finish by rolling into Greenwich.  

I have never ridden 270 miles in a week, let alone 3 days.  I am nervous but will be training hard.

I would be most grateful for any support you could give me.  

Thank you. 




  • David Vance $200.00

  • I know you will do it in style! $150.00

    Hope it goes well

  • The Foreman Family $135.00

    We want you to know that you are a bad**s for taking on this challenge and we are sure you will succeed! Great cause. We will be cheering for you!

  • Father Jack $135.00

    Good luck!

  • Kay and Pat Limbach $100.00

    Happy to support you Vance! Enjoy the ride.

  • Darca & Dennis $100.00

  • Courtney J. Miller $100.00

    Good luck, David.

  • Robert Capon $100.00

  • The Vance family $100.00

  • ann and ed $100.00

    May the wind always be at your back!

  • John Tegen $100.00

    Good luck David.

  • Will Brown $100.00

    I raise an eyebrow if I have to DRIVE 270 miles!

  • Mary Anne Fletcher $100.00

    Go get em David!!! You've always been an inspiration to me and this only makes you shine more!! Thank you for all you do daily to support and help those in need! You are such a light!! Maryanne

  • The Simes $100.00

  • Anonymous $100.00

  • John and Veronica Krepshaw $100.00

  • Jim Duncan/CCC $100.00

  • Rao Bezwada $100.00

    happy bike riding and good luck David.

  • Nathan Vrooman $100.00

  • Mary Anne Fletcher $75.00

    Thank you for all you do to brighten our world! I am so thankful for you and all your awesomeness daily! Go get em David:):):):):)!!!!

  • Todd Davis $50.00

    Better you than me

  • Anonymous $50.00

    You are amazing. I am impressed and inspired by your hard work and commitment. You're going to do great!

  • Bill Gray $50.00

    Hats off to David Vance for riding for this worrthy cause.

  • The Rogers $50.00

    Chain free baby! - ride hard, good luck

  • Eddie Pryor $50.00

    Go Vance! Congratulations on blowing your fundraising goal out of the water and supporting such an important cause. See you on the road and/or field soon!

  • Runner broette and Little bear $50.00

    Prayers from us to you all weekend for strong legs and strong resolve. Wind at your back, my friend. You've got this!

  • The Allen family $50.00

    Ride safe!!!

  • In Honor of Tom Palmer $50.00

    David, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to support your audacity and this remarkable cause. Please remember that this is all much bigger than 'asking for $'. That's small potatoes. You're the

  • Katrien, Luke, and Nathan $50.00

    We love you, and we're glad we're not riding 270 miles.

  • Steven & Lisa $50.00

    270 Miles! Impressive! :)

  • Chris, Mia, Hannah, and Bayley $50.00

    What a great cause! Stay safe!

  • Johanna and Kieran $50.00

  • Bob Terrill $50.00

  • Weple $50.00

    Let's cure ALS and Save the Rainforest....:) You rock David! Have fun making a difference in the world! That's always the goal:)!!!

  • Robert Chorvat $50.00

    A challenging activity that's won't be beyond your abilities - wishing you the best in your conquest. Bob

  • George and Amy Trainor $50.00

    Happy to Support! Good luck with the ride!

  • The Mason Dister Family $50.00

    No cramping!

  • Amy and Dan Robins $50.00

    Great cause!

  • Leslie & Aaron Shapiro $50.00

    You are awesome for doing this. Best of luck!

  • Rob and Mel $50.00

    Great that you are doing this, David!

  • Johnsons $50.00

    Good luck David!

  • Don Brogan $50.00

    Good luck, Dave! If you could carry me around Orlando golf courses for a few days, you can definitely do this!

  • Bonnie Holliday $25.00

    You've got this! It's not 270 miles, it's one mile 270 times.

  • Anonymous $25.00

  • Pritchard Family $25.00

    Good luck, Doc!

  • Binyong Liang $25.00

    Good luck, and have fun!

  • David Litherland $25.00

    Best of luck and have fun!

  • Dennis Houmard $25.00

    Go for it Dave!!!!

  • Lawson Family $20.00

  • Sposato Family Hidden

  • Allie and Duncan Hill Hidden

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