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Our Quest to Conquer ALS

<h1>Cope Family's Fundraising Page</h1>

Over the summer, the two boys, Jeremy and Jason will be saddling up on bikes while Kit will be running a rest stop in a charity event to help raise money for ALS research. This 3-day, 270 mile ride starts off in Boston, MA and will bring us down the east coast through New York to the edge of Connecticut.

ALS is a degenerate disease, attacking the motor skills while leaving the cognitive mental ability intact. It is a tragic event for anyone to live through and currently we know no cure. Right now, research and understanding could not be more important.

A fund raising page has been set up to coordinate and help our efforts; we encourage all of you to visit and help contribute. Feel free to forward this email to your friends as well- any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!




  • Mike and Kit Cope $500.00

    to honor the hard work of all the riders

  • Robert McGregor $200.00

  • Ann Beach $150.00

  • Mark & Audrey Schuster $100.00

  • Rick Barry $100.00

  • Doug Teany $100.00

  • Dee $75.00

    Good luck :)

  • Jason Levitts $75.00

  • Sean Wilson $75.00


  • Kathy Strand and Bill McMurray $50.00

    Thank you Jeremy, Jason, and Kit for all you're doing to fight this horrible disease! ❤️

  • Thomas Buonopane $50.00

  • Clara Smith $50.00

  • Kate Stanton $50.00

    Good luck! Thanks for everything you do!

  • Boomer $50.00

  • Randi And Ken Federman $50.00

    Good Luck!

  • Marilee Fields $50.00

    Good Luck Jason and Family!

  • Stephanie Smith $50.00

    Good luck guys! It's so inspiring that you do this every year and I love that you're involved this year Kit! I'll be thinking of you during the trek! Love, Steph

  • Bob Buccheri $50.00

    Good cause Jason

  • Rachel and James $50.00

    Go Luck!!

  • MIke Puma $50.00

    Great Cause. Enjoy the Ride

  • Kimberly Huber $50.00

  • Stephenie Adubato Burke $50.00

    Way to go Jeremy and Jason - Proud to support you two doing fantastic work!

  • Phil S. and Ellen T. $50.00

    Way to go Cope family! Good luck this year!

  • Fellow Trekkie, Vince Crescenzo $50.00

    Ca't wait to see you guys! We're gonna kid butt!

  • Steven & Mikkah $50.00

    Crush It

  • Carl and Eva $50.00

  • Melissa and Travis $50.00

    Go Copes!

  • Jaffe family $50.00

  • Wendy and Jeff $50.00

    We are proud of you and your dedication to ALS-way to go!

  • The Threlkelds $50.00

    Go Team Cope! Cheering on your family as you continue the fight! Love and thanks for your commitment.

  • The Gruber family $50.00

  • Bene Family $25.00

    Good Luck with your ride!

  • Bob Burnham $25.00

  • Michael C $25.00

  • John Smith $25.00

  • Josh Books $20.00

  • The Gift of Life $18.00

    Kindness will overcome all.

  • Poliana Yee Hidden

    Thank you for supporting this great cause.

  • Jeremy and Jason Cope Hidden

    Ride well and enjoy!

  • Keith Seidman Hidden

  • karen & kenny weiner Hidden

    thanks for riding for such a wonderful cause. people like you will help find a cure for this dreaded disease.

  • In memory of Dr. Jason Bodzin Hidden

  • Becca Hidden

    Go get 'em boys! Proud of you.

  • Isaiah Thomas Hidden

  • Cailin Hidden

  • The Golden Retriever Family Hidden

    Make America Great Again

  • Gary Kappel Hidden

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