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The Trek to Beat ALS - Riding For Those Who No Longer Can

<h1>Christina's Page's Fundraising Page</h1>

Well folks... year number 7 is upon me. Lucky number 7, sizzlin' 7, 7&7... you get the point.

Each year this ride finds a little special place in my heart; each year being different, a bit more emotional, reuniting more pALS, and my heart explodes. every. single. freakin' year.


It's been 9 years since my dad's fight came to an end so #TeamMooch is carrying on the fight for him and everyone in this amazing community. As much as I love this ride, the people, the cause, the journey and the pickles... enough is enough. This year we take on the trek with a little more fire. More passion (who thought that could even be possible?). More fight. Because each day without a treatment or a cure, we lose our family members; our dads, our sisters, our aunts, cousins and best friends. Enough is enough. 

This year is the year we come together tighter than ever to fight. We come together to ride and promote. But most importantly we come to raise as much money as we can to fund our friends at TDI to help our pALS and future pALS. Enough is enough. 

Join me, #TeamMooch, and the entire Tri State Trek family this year in the fight of our lives for the lives of those with ALS. 




  • Giving Tuesday $643.00

  • Deborah Kennedy $250.00

  • Linda and Bob Hughes $250.00

  • Anonymous $200.00

  • Epic Ryde $200.00

    We are going to miss you like crazy at Epic Ryde and believe in you and all you do and your dreams. ROCK ON, RYDE ON and know we will always be here for you!

  • Stapleton $100.00


  • Donna & Gwynn $100.00

    Go Mooch go!

  • Jim and Sharon Coskren $100.00

    Good luck Christina! 😘

  • Anonymous $50.00

  • Joseph Verria $50.00

  • The Riggs $50.00

  • Jennifer Margoles $50.00

    I believe in you, C - and admire, and support the fight to win against ALS.

  • Goldman Sachs & Co Matching Gift Program $50.00

  • Melissa $30.00

    For kicking my A$$ at Barry's, you rock!

  • Colleen C $25.00


  • John Connell $25.00

    "I'm the best yet, and yet my best is yet to come!" Crush it (as always)! Proud of ya!

  • Mike Pratt Hidden

  • Taylor Funk Hidden

  • Elise Hidden

    Go Mooch!! Kick ALS' @$$!!!

  • Kaitlyn & Mike Anderson Hidden

    Just learned about ALS this week in med school and was thinking about you and your incredible dedication to finding a cure. Keep riding and running for good, Mooch!

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