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Riding for those who no longer can.

<h1>Christen's Ride for ALS page!'s Fundraising Page</h1>

ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that leads to paralysis, due to the death of motor neurons in the spinal cord and brain. Patients become trapped in their bodies, unable to speak, eat, or breath on their own. There is no known cause, cure, or effective treatment for the disease.

After 6 years riding from Boston to New York and riding 100 miles in Napa Valley, California for ALS TDI, I can easily say the experiences I have gained from riding for the Tri-State Trek are some of the best I have ever had. I'm riding again this year with Team America for one of the most incredible and inspirational people I have ever met, my friend, Steve Saling.

In 2006, Steve was diagnosed with ALS which ended his 13 year career as a landscape architect. Since then, his condition has become much worse and he now has to use a motorized wheelchair to get around, a feeding tube to eat, and a computer to speak. Despite all of this, Steve designed and opened America's only ALS residence, a $30 million state-of-the-art assisted living facility in the Boston area for people with ALS.

I am inspired by Steve’s positive attitude, his dedication to finding a cure, and his effort to improve the lives of those suffering from this terrible disease.

To this date I have raised over $12,000 and biked over 1,700 miles for ALS TDI. I signed up for this event 7 years ago with no expectations. I almost feel selfish because of how much this experience and those who I have met have impacted my life in so many positive ways. I'm so excited continue to do as much as I can again for ALS TDI and all those suffering from this terrible disease.

Please help me in my efforts and share this page with everyone you know! Every donation makes a huge difference and means the world to me and everyone suffering from ALS.






  • Pro Sports Orthopedics $250.00

  • The Tinebra Family $250.00

    Go Christen!

  • Steve Filanowski $100.00

  • Jacki, Bob and Ben Colburn $100.00

    Good luck!

  • Glen Gurner (Maureen O'Donoghue's husband) $100.00

    You Go Girl!

  • BK Nguyen $50.00

    Insert: TSwift You Rock GIF :)

  • The Markitina Clan $50.00

    You guys are wonderful people doing wonderful things. Good luck!

  • Connie Price $50.00

    Good luck on your ride!!!

  • Susan Brock $50.00

  • Kevin $50.00

    That's a ton of miles.

  • Claire $50.00

    You're the shit.

  • Will $50.00

    Woooooooo go Christen!

  • Courtney Denison $50.00

  • Missy and Matt $50.00

  • Jared $50.00

  • The School Family $50.00

    We Luves yuuuu!

  • Zac $50.00

    Yeah Christen! Year 7?! Woooo. Pce b witchu!

  • Teresa Forestell $50.00

    Ride Christin! I am proud of you.

  • Catherine Hall $50.00

  • nick and christina $45.00

  • Kelley Garrard $30.00

    Thank you for always being an agel

  • Paul Tanklefsky $25.00

    Ride Christen ride. Proud of you.

  • Mike Hanson $25.00

    Great work Christen!

  • Janelle $25.00

  • Candis M. $25.00

    Go Christen!!!

  • Rorge $25.00

    More 2 come hehe

  • Steph Larsen $25.00


  • Sarah Moloney $25.00

  • Rorge $25.00

    Pt 2

  • Wayne $20.00

  • BikeButtz $20.00

  • Julian $20.00

    Almost there!!!!

  • Sarah Scire $10.00

  • Mimi OD Hidden


  • Molly Hidden

  • Michael de Wit Hidden

    Good luck!!!

  • Kate Drewniak Hidden

  • Bro Bob Hidden

    Amazed and inspired by all you do for those with ALS, sisty. Good luck.

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