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Riding for the people who can't but would kill for the ability to

<h1>Andrew Ruggiero's Fundraising Page</h1>

In June of 2017 I am riding 270 miles to find an effective treatment for ALS with TEAM FRATE TRAIN for a 5th consecutive year. 

Please take a moment to read this powerful and moving article authored by Pete himself - 

Here's a little more about WHY I want to do this:

Over the last five years, ALS has touched the lives of just about everybody I'm friends with. As you know, in March of 2012 a friend to all was diagnosed with ALS. It's been an quite a journey for everybody who Pete has shared his battle with.

I can remember when Pete was missing Tuesday morning skates because he had a lingering wrist injury. We would joke that Pete was skipping hockey to Jazzercise. As a group of has-been athletes, we were all used to those nagging aches and pains we attributed to getting older and not being in quite the shape we were in college.

Never in a million years could I have ever imagined that this was something MUCH, MUCH more.

It was the day of the St. Patrick's Day parade in South Boston when I learned that Pete was sick.I knew NOTHING about ALS. Afterall, this was Pete we were talking about, such a driven, able, and athletic person. Pete would go to the gym for 30 minutes on his way to Junction just to make sure he stayed in peak shape. How could something like ALS touch him at 26?!?!? It was surreal. I remember thinking... "Well he's so young; it probably won't affect him until he's older"

I saw Pete about monthlater for an NFL Draft Party complete with wings from Buff’s pub. This was a month since diagnosis and I’ll never forget that shock of seeing there were already some signs that ALS was already adversely affecting him.

Pete is such a specialguy and if you spend even a minute looking around his site,, watching one of his videos,,watch the genuine way people describe him, or spending a minute in his companyyou will know what I mean.

I wish I had an ounce ofthe intestinal fortitude Pete has! His approach to battling this disease from the beginning has been more admirable than I can describe with words. Pete isa man on a mission. If helping raise some awareness and money is the best I can do to help Pete win this battle,then that is exactly what I will do.

Pete- Thank you for being a constant source of inspiration and motivation and thank you for allowing us to fight alongside you in this battle.

“Sometimes you pick your battles, but, often the toughest battles choose you” – Travis Roy

Please support my efforts.

If you have a minute- check out this documentary on Pete-




  • Super Bowl Squares $620.00

  • March Madness Tournament $405.00

    Thanks to all whom participated in this year's March Madness Fundraiser

  • 2016-17 NFL Elimination Pool $206.25

    Thank you to all whom participated in the 2016-17 NFL Elimination Pool!

  • Andrew Brandt $200.00

  • Handle Bar Cycling Event - Thank you! $117.50

  • Paul and Elle Mae $50.00

    Happy Birthday. Love your stamina.

  • Carol & Jim Blasczyk $50.00

    Happy B Day Rugg! Love what you do for ALS

  • The Boudys $50.00

  • J. Oleary $50.00

    A cure cannot come soon enough.

  • Bethany Schellhorn $50.00

    Finding a cure begins with hope. Thank you for your dedication.

  • Good luck and very proud of you and your team! Love mom and Paul $50.00

  • Stanley Barker $50.00

  • In memory of Uncle John Brubaker Hidden

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