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Riding to prove ALS can't stop me

<h1> Andrew Niblock's Fundraising Page</h1>

In July of 2016 I was diagnosed with ALS. It came after a few months of diminishing strength and dexterity in my arms and legs. In the months since I have become more hopeful, not less, as I have connected with some of the best doctors and researchers in the country specializing in ALS cases. There is a lot to learn, and there is very impressive work being done. 

  This summer I am joining the tri-state trek to raise awareness and support for the fight to find a cure for ALS. Before my diagnosis, cycling was a passion, and this ride will be an opportunity to prove I can still go for a ride. 

 This is a fight worth fighting. 





  • The DEATH RIDE Tour $10,000.00

    Ride Strong ...Live Strong ...And Give back (TZEDAKAH) More Than You Get

  • The Allan Family $1,000.00

    Your courage and perseverance is an inspiration to everyone who knows you

  • Debby Wells $1,000.00

  • The Kelly Family $1,000.00

    The Kelly's are all IN! With much love and support, Kristin, Mike, Connor & Kyle

  • Brad and Moira McGuinn $1,000.00

    With much faith hope and love

  • Jennifer, Tom, Diana & Daphne Davidson $1,000.00

    Andrew, you're an inspiration to all of us!

  • Caleb Watts $1,000.00

  • Meg & Shaun Conaty $1,000.00

  • Newman Class of 2007 $700.00

  • The Lindstrom Family $500.00

  • The Sweeney Family $500.00

    Go Team Niblock

  • The Kirkpatrick Family $500.00

    "We're in"

  • The Hamden Hall Community $500.00

    In Support of Andrew

  • The Kohnke Family $500.00

    Go Coach Nibs!

  • Amy, Chuck and Charles Lapeyre $500.00

  • Joe and JoAnne Matthews $500.00

    love endures all things. Andrew, you are loved, and thank you for sharing your story to aid further awareness

  • Marcia Nowell $500.00

  • Davey and Kristine Scoon $500.00

    We are thinking of you

  • The Reynolds Family $500.00

    Stay strong and enjoy the ride!

  • The Ever Family $500.00

    We are very proud to support you, Andrew. You are a phenomenal leader who continuously inspires us with your optimism and insightful wisdom.

  • The O'Hara Family $500.00

    To a natural leader and extraordinary person. We're ALL IN with you! Xx Dara, Tim & Grayson

  • Joe Perry - Derby Academy $500.00

  • Cheryl, Lorraine, and Jess $500.00

    We are rooting for you EVERY DAY.

  • Liz and Ray Miller $500.00

    We are thinking of you, Andrew, and are so inspired by your strength, perseverance and leadership. Sending you and all the Niblocks our love and support.

  • Christine Baird $370.00

  • MaryJo & Calvin Johnson $300.00

  • The Ballard Family $300.00

    Sending love and hope and thanks to Team Niblock! We are cheering for all of you!

  • Barbara and Dick Catlett $300.00

  • Elena Brisendine $300.00

  • Nancy, Jim, Jack, DJ and Chloe Cook $250.00

  • With Love from the Wolpert Family $250.00

  • Dickie & Rick Davis $250.00

    Andrew, we are all in! Love and more love!

  • Killian Lapeyre $250.00

  • The Penningtons $250.00

    Thinking of you all and sending much ❤️ Emma, Mark & Charlotte

  • Doug Lyons $250.00

    Grace in victory, Grace in adversity; relentless optimism, tenacity, selflessness - Andrew is my personal hero. Would ride from Sorrento to San Diego for you buddy.

  • The Baileys $250.00

  • Marta Bordeaux $250.00

    You were an inspiration during the 9 years we taught side by side - you're even more of an inspiration now. Enjoy the ride.

  • David and Meredith Kalozdi $250.00

    One of the best teachers I have had in my life!

  • Ginger Stickel $250.00

    In honor of the inspiring Niblock Family!

  • The Polo's are IN! $250.00

    Looking forward to the ride Andrew!

  • Eddie and Beth Dienes and Family $250.00

    Andrew, You are one of the most positive people we've ever met. We know that this positive attitude will help you in this ride and on your journey. We are sending lots of love, prayers, and positive

  • Matthew Fishman $250.00

  • Marisa and Matt Brown $250.00


  • The Rolfe Family $250.00

    Rooting for you Andrew! Love, Fabi, Andrew, Isabella & Alexander

  • The Juhas Family $250.00

    The Juhas Family is All In! Lots of love to you and all the Niblocks from Dublin💚🍀

  • Amanda and Burley Dickerson $250.00

    Keep those wheels rolling Andrew. Godspeed from old Dover friends.

  • Gordon, Elizabeth, Graham, and Ford Wogan $250.00

  • Mountain Park Labradoodles $250.00

    Jesse and Maureen Tennyson told me about your journey...wishing you and your entire family the best. -Debi

  • The Gutman Family $200.00

  • Claire and Jeremy Weil $200.00

  • Tim Johnson $200.00

  • Michael & Bryan Poppler $200.00

    Keep up the fight, Coach Nibs. We're in.

  • Sally and Peter Bryant $200.00

    Good Luck Andrew We'll be thinking of you and your family. Sally and Peter Bryant

  • Bean Island Yacht Club Frenchman Bay Maine $200.00

    All the best to you and your family from your friends at the Bean Island Yacht Club

  • Betsy & Roger Wakefield $200.00

    Andrew - you inspire us all with your positive attitude and great works!!

  • The DeTeso Family $200.00

  • Jake and Shane Kupperman $200.00

    We’re thinking about you, coach!

  • Cara Henderson and Family $200.00

    Sending you and your family love and encouragement now and always, Andrew! XO!

  • Judy and Tom Niblock $200.00

  • Susie (Prevost) and Kevin Brandmeyer $200.00

    We're in!!

  • Jim and Linda Clark $200.00

    Ride on!

  • The Dollard Family $200.00

  • Cookie & Tony Thelen $200.00

    We are in. Love you and family

  • The Sandhus $200.00

    Inspiring that you take every opportunity to educate others.

  • The Vadasdi Family $200.00

    You are an inspiration to all of us.

  • The Carella Family $150.00

  • Patrick & Katie Dienes $150.00

  • Barbara Frederick $100.00

  • Becky Wheatland $100.00

    Thanks for sharing your amazing hope and courage! Enjoy the ride!

  • Catherine Frampton $100.00

  • Perry and Lin Baltimore $100.00

    Keep up the good fight!

  • Elliot Williams $100.00

    To the best coach I ever had. Tennis state doubles champs 08.

  • The Frilot/Murov Family $100.00

    You were an inspiration to our children at Newman, and continue to inspire today. Thank you, from Beth, Ellis, Caroline, Eli, and Maitland

  • Ofir Caspi and Katherine DiLeo $100.00

    Mr. Niblock, You were such an inspiration in 5th grade, and even more so now. We are speechless in admiration as you continue to educate your students--teaching them valuable lessons in every possib

  • Christine Festa $100.00

    Keep smiling & pedaling, Andrew! You, Eliza, McCrory & Townsend are an inspiration!

  • Zoe Vandeveer & Theo Schell-Lambert $100.00

  • Katie Amodio $100.00

  • Hannah Worrell $100.00

  • Jen Donnalley $100.00

    The impact you are having is INCREDIBLE!

  • Rick, Christine, Hannah and Emory $100.00

  • Sue and DA Wheatland $100.00

    Go Andrew

  • Mary Grace Schley $100.00

    You have always been and continue to be such an inspiration! Ride on!

  • Kristin Stephens $100.00

  • The Holden Family $100.00

    A true inspiration - GO Andrew!!

  • Anonymous $100.00

  • The Culvahouse/Graneto Family $100.00

    Break a leg.....NO, really don't, but we do wish you a safe journey!

  • Christopher Casazza $100.00

  • Lathrop Nelson $100.00

  • The Boulan Family $100.00

  • The Engert Family $100.00

  • The Carroll Family $100.00

    Sending love and hugs your way. You are an inspiration!

  • The Gioulos Family $100.00

    Thinking of you Andrew. We miss you at Hamden Hall.

  • The Davidson Family $100.00

  • Jenny, Dave and Anna $100.00

  • The McTague family $100.00

  • Holly Liles Snowden $100.00

  • The Merlino Family $100.00

  • The MacDougall Family $100.00

  • The Gittes Family $100.00

  • The Orum Family $100.00

  • The Karish Family $100.00

    Truly inspiring! Good luck!

  • Michael and Beckye Taylor $100.00

    For Andrew Niblock - the warrior!

  • Celi Putnam, Bonnie and Anne $100.00

    Andrew and family, We are with you, every mile!

  • Rives Cary $100.00

    Thinking of you and your family, Coach Nibs-- Keep up the positivity (which you always reminded us to do, especially yours truly!). We are all counting on you!

  • The Bogardus Family $100.00

    Ride, Andrew, ride!

  • The Molloy Family $100.00

    You are an inspiration, Andrew.

  • The Swann Family $100.00

  • Briana (Marshall) Carrigg $100.00

    I'm in! Sending positive vibes to you and your entire family. Looking forward to crossing paths in Sorrento this summer! In the meantime, please don't hesitate to reach out if there is anything our Ma

  • Melanee and Steve Usdin $100.00

    We are with you all the way Andrew

  • The Milgram Family $100.00

  • The Eken family $100.00

    Go Andrew!

  • The Gallary Family $100.00

  • Ben & Courtney Thompson $100.00

    We're in! Prayers & healing thoughts headed your way!

  • The Lernmark Family $100.00

    You are an inspiration!

  • The Galatioto Family $100.00

  • the caffray family $100.00

    with you 100% Andrew!!!....TIGER PRIDE!!!!

  • The Lavin Family $100.00

    We're all IN for team Niblock

  • The Spooner Family $50.00

  • Tod Johnson $50.00

    With you my man...

  • Tracy Blackerby $50.00

  • Cotelo -Plymouth $50.00

    Sending you hugs and prayers from Miami!

  • The Brunson Family $50.00

    We are cheering you on all the way and sending love and strength. James, Natalie and Bailey

  • Matt Usdin $50.00

    Thinking of you, coach.

  • Kate & Jeremy Loescher $50.00

  • The Clark Family $50.00

    Smiles and prayers and have fun!

  • The Kim Family $50.00

  • The Baird Family $50.00

  • Daniel Lyons $50.00

  • Georgia Sommer $50.00

  • Mary Charles & John Collett $50.00

  • Kirstie & Wen Bray $50.00

    We're IN from Plymouth!

  • John and Kay Bardzik $50.00

    The grandparents of Jack and Sophie Vadasdi wish you and your family well this summer!

  • Andie Lazar $50.00

    Mr. Niblock was my Social Studies teacher in 5th grade. What I remember the most about that class is every student being given a football team to follow during football season. I was assigned the Atla

  • Hugo and Sue Smith $50.00

    Go, Andrew! You're an inspiration to us all!!

  • The Singer - Kosinski's $50.00

    I'm sorry I can't be there to ride with you in person but I'm there in spirit. I hope it's a great day. I'm in.

  • Gail and Richard Epstein $50.00

    We are in!!! Sending prayers and love from Florida.

  • Michael Kern $10.00

    Go Team Niblock!

  • The Buchalter Family Hidden

    You are such an inspiration, Andrew! We will be cheering you on and sending lots of good wishes your way!

  • Barth Family Hidden

  • The Fox Family Hidden

  • The Calhoun Family Hidden

  • The Packard Family Hidden

    We are ALL IN for all Niblocks today and everyday.

  • Colleen deVeer Hidden

    The deVeers are all rooting for you, Andrew!

  • Jane Lewis Hidden

    Happy to support scientific miracles that make lives whole again. Enjoy the ride!

  • The Rose Family Hidden

  • Dan and Leslea Walker Hidden

    You are an inspiration. We are In with you.

  • The Win Chadwick family from Newman Hidden

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • The McCulloughs Hidden

    We are sending our love, thoughts, and prayers this weekend. Go Team Niblock!!!

  • Edward Clarkson Hidden

  • Jordan, Josh,and Jenna Mintz Hidden

  • Jeffrey Strobel Hidden

  • Jennifer Krayewski Hidden

    You are always leading and inspiring us, Andrew! Thank you!

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