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It's that time of year again. Next month, I'll be riding a bicycle from Boston to Greenwich Connecticut to raise money to find a cure for  ALS. It's my fourth year doing the ride, and our team, CRUSH ALS/Team Bannon, has gotten bigger every year and raised more money. Last year, we topped $200,000, and we hope to raise at least that much this year.

I participate in this ride because it's a lot of fun and keeps my ever expanding waist line in check, at least for a few months. But I also have a personal connection to ALS. My brother-in-law John Rooney died of ALS a few days after last year's ride concluded, and my mother-in-law, Mary Rooney,died from the disease in 2000. That's enough for one family. We are determined to find a cure.

There was some great news a few weeks ago. The FDA approved the first new drug to treat ALS in two decades. The ALS Therapy Development Institute, which is the beneficiary of this ride, is devoted to finding additional treatments for ALS and ultimately, of course, a cure.

This year, my old friends from Worthington High School, John McCarthy and Andy Foster, will join me once again, as well as my work pal, Alan Levin, and a new addition to the team, David "Bring the Heat" Voreacos. In the interest of full disclosure, I will not be riding the entire 275 miles this year. My son, Flynn Martin, is graduating from high school on Friday June 23, so I'm going to ride half the day and race back to New Jersey (and if I get stuck in traffic on I-95, I'm a dead man). Then I'll return Saturday morning and resume. 

I'd appreciate whatever support you can provide. I've attached a video that was done last year by ALS TDI that, despite my severe squinting, does a nice job of explaining the purpose of the ride.





  • Bloomberg Lp $5,000.00

  • Bloomberg LP $2,500.00

  • Brad and Michelle Sargent $500.00

    Go Cuz Go!!

  • Scott and Jeanne Sargent $500.00

    Good luck and best wishes cousin

  • Sonya and Rob $375.00

    We threw in an extra $100 for funeral expenses since there's no way you'll make it back to GR on 95 on a Friday... but hopefully you prove us wrong and it all goes to ALS.

  • Joan & Rick Francolini $250.00

  • Paul & Renee Heller $200.00

    You and Gutty back together again and in tight bike shorts for a great cause. Priceless.

  • Tim Rooney Family $200.00

    Kick ass Andy. Love to you and all the Martins. I will be with you in spirit this year and in person next year. Love you.

  • Rich and Nancy Boyle $200.00

  • Kate & Chuck Kenniff $150.00

  • The Mason Family $150.00

    We'll be cheering you on from GR!

  • The Miller Family $150.00

    Thank you for making the ride Andy and raising money for such an important cause.

  • Shayna, Geoff, Marianne $100.00

    We admire your dedication. See you at graduation!

  • John & Cathy Martin $100.00

    We're very proud of you Andy. Such a worthy cause!

  • Flynn McRoberts $100.00

    Ride, Andy, ride!

  • Thomas Davidson $100.00

    I-95 on a Saturday?!? HAHAHAHAHAHA!! (Seriously: Doing this once was badass. Doing it, what, four years in a row? Off the charts.)

  • Jeff Galvin $100.00

    Crush that ride Andy

  • Meg Rooney and the Boys $100.00

    Thank you Andy. Let's Roon ALS

  • The Kirk family $100.00

  • Molly & Dave Kelly $100.00

    Safe travels Crush ALS/Team Bannon 🍀

  • Trevor and Marcy Jensen $100.00

  • Laurie Cohen $100.00

  • Julia and JB Rodgers $100.00

    Great job Andy and John!

  • The Vecchione Family $100.00

    Another year...amazing! Congratulations Andy!

  • Pete and Virginia. Great job Andy. $75.00

  • Sheryl Cash $50.00

  • The Kelleys $50.00

  • Winnie O'Kelley $50.00

  • Mark Travis $50.00

  • Anne & John Helander $50.00

    Go, 'Cuz, Go! We love you guys!

  • Brinton Unroe $50.00

  • Marci Hilt $50.00

  • To the Martin Family $50.00

  • Denise Joyce $50.00

    The video is so inspiring! Ride, Andy, ride!! (One of these days....)

  • Kevin & Martie $50.00

    Ride on, pal! We're rootin' for ya! You & your team are doing a great thing and we admire you for it!

  • Doug & Jane Holt $50.00

    Ride on, Andy. Hope to join you one of these years!

  • Nancy Gustin $25.00

    Congrats on yet another year, Andy, and GOOD LUCK!

  • The Tinkham Family Hidden

    Ride like the wind Andy (and John)! Have fun and be careful on that drive back on I95! Maybe we will buy some bikes and join you next year.

  • The Benson Family Hidden

  • David and Jody Hackmeyer Hidden

  • The Charny family Hidden

  • Jon Marcus Hidden

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