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We ride because we care.

<h1>Team Christie's Fundraising Page</h1>

                                                                                                                                                                                              Team Christie's mission is to create an awareness of the urgent need to find a cure for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease and to raise money whenever and wherever possible to fund research by ALS TDI, the ALS Therapy Development Institute.

We ride for those who can't and Team Christie was created to fight ALS on behalf of Christie Rizzuto and her devoted husband Denis, daughter Francesca and family. Christie is a woman of courage, beauty and grace, as well as a wonderful mother, wife and dear friend. It is through the Tri-State Trek Bike Tour that we raise funds for the good work being done by ALS TDI. We need a cure for this disease and need it quickly. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

The team will be riding 270+ miles to find an effective treatment for ALS. Please support our efforts.




  • Henry Singer $1,000.00

  • John Mayorek $1,000.00

  • In loving memory of LeeVon Foerstel $1,000.00

  • Francesca $1,000.00

    Thank you for endless hours and dedication in the honor of others. You have made your voice heard in fighting for those with ALS.

  • Big Mac $300.00

  • Bob, Randi and Cord Lehman $275.00

    We are honored to help in this very important cause. We are also inspired by John's dedication to the cause and his selfless act of riding each year for this cause.

  • In memory of my brother,Michael $250.00

    My thoughts are with you

  • Robert M Slapin $250.00


  • Knuckleheads $200.00

  • G Diddel $150.00

    Team Christie...may you ride safely and with a focused purpose. Congratulations you've met your goal. The D&D team is proud of you. Ride-On!

  • Craig Weiner $120.00

  • Dorothy Pandaleon $116.00

  • Vidella Wright $100.00

  • J. Byron Davies $100.00

  • Lisanne Maria $100.00

  • Dr. Edward Lane $100.00

  • Mildred Luciani $100.00

  • David & Elaine Brown $100.00

  • Pat Noone $100.00

  • Roxanne DeCarlo $100.00

  • Robin Linsley $100.00

  • John Vele $100.00

  • Steve Skolnick $100.00

    Jeff I look forward to seeing you at the reunion. This is a great cause. Keep the great work

  • Mary & Ken Rodgers $100.00

    Good luck and keep up the excellent work.

  • Mariagrazia LaFauci $100.00

  • Charles and Elaine Doran $100.00

  • Vicki Biehl $100.00

    Good luck John!

  • Mike & Cindy $100.00

  • Ron Tyson $100.00

  • Yvonne Beecher $100.00

    Crush it Jeff! Like you do!

  • Leslie Richmond $100.00

  • Have a great ride! $100.00

  • Alex Moncure $100.00

    Over the top already! No surprise, Jeff! Have a great ride for this very worthwhile cause....

  • Fern and Joe Wagner $100.00

    Thank you for your commitment to this wonderful cause!


    A great ride for a great cause.

  • Charles and Elaine Doran $100.00

    John, your ongoing efforts for ALS are really great. Happy to support you again!

  • Cindy and Jim Clark $100.00

    Ride Strong, John, for the cure!

  • Mary Lou and Steve Murphy $100.00

  • Cindy Cheung $100.00

  • Daniel Price $100.00

  • Adobe Matching Gifts $100.00

  • The Loughman Family $75.00

    Good luck!

  • Ellin Van Leeuwen $50.00

    Jeff, keep riding for the good cause! we will miss you so much. Ellin

  • Gerard Caruso $50.00

    Have fun!!!

  • Stanley Esposito $50.00

  • Anonymous $50.00

    Go Team Conair. To God be the Glory!

  • Laura Sall $50.00

  • Bk Bk $50.00

  • Karen Roche $50.00

  • Christine Lofstrand $50.00

  • Joseph Laskowski $50.00

  • B Voytek $50.00

  • Ken Feuerberg DDS $50.00

    Good luck!

  • For Team Christie $50.00

    Keep going Jeff!

  • Jane Voroba $50.00

  • Cindy and Jim Clark $50.00

    Find the Cure!! Have a good ride.

  • John Silberlicht $50.00

  • Linda Schiavone $50.00

  • Tony and Phyllis Suppa $50.00

    Way to go John!!!

  • David A. Mazujian $50.00

    John, do you ever sleep? Keep on cycling!!!!

  • Vivian Schaufler $50.00


  • Donna Thompson $50.00

  • Peter Hadley $50.00

    Ride far, ride safe!

  • Al and Jan Galletly $50.00

    Ride with pride, John.

  • The Gamzon Family $50.00

  • Robert Monson $50.00

  • Sue and Joe $50.00

    Go John, GO! Best wishes for a safe and successful ride! Sue & Joe...

  • Randi Kaplan $50.00

  • David Hazard $50.00

    What a great cause and event to support John. And a damn good "warm up" ride for the Vermont Challenge. Ride like the wind and be safe from start to finish.

  • veronica whitney and charlie wertheim $50.00

    Go John!!

  • Palumbo $50.00

  • Marc Hebert $50.00

  • Caryl and Bill Timmel $50.00

    Good Luck, Rebecca Sullivan. We're so proud of you!! Much love...MaMa and DaDa

  • Katie $50.00

  • Tucker $50.00

  • Brian Shea $50.00

  • Edmund Ryan $40.00

  • Michele Strauss $36.00

    Thanks, Jeff, for cycling for ALS!

  • Margaret Heffler $36.00

    You go Jeff with Team Christie

  • The Newman Family $25.00

  • Anonymous $25.00

    Go Jeff! Its a great thing that you are doing!

  • Samantha Mullins $25.00

  • Jacob Hanocka $25.00

  • JOHN SLOAN $25.00

  • Anne Crane $25.00

  • Dan Villa $25.00

  • Gary Griswold $25.00

  • Chris and Sharon $25.00

    #killingit Good luck out there! L

  • The Lamothes $25.00

  • John Dugdale $24.00

    keep up good work!

  • Richard Ciotti $20.00

  • Lorri Stenton $20.00

  • Claudio C. $19.00

  • Francesca Hidden

    Thank you for your love and support. We pray there is a magic dollar to find a cure.

  • Jim Schwab Hidden

  • Janellie K. Hidden

  • Stuart Rumsey Hidden

  • Stephanie Hmelovsky Hidden

    In memory of Thomas Pedzewick

  • Tony Verde Hidden

  • Alison Cameron Avery Davis Hidden

    Go John!!

  • Carmine Hidden

    Let's keep riding to find a cure! Be safe.

  • Sue Chacho Hidden

  • Beth Gardner Hidden

  • Tina Repp Hidden

  • Mary Dunn Hidden

    I am happy to do my part because I am amazed at what you are doing for the fight against ALS. Wishing you fantastic weather and safe biking. Mary

  • Jacqueline Carlsen Hidden

    So proud to know the people on this team! Your dedication is admirable and so is your stamina. Ride on!

  • Christelle Maginot Hidden

  • Betsy and Will Schwartz Hidden

  • Matthew Slywka Hidden

  • Battenkill Bicycles Hidden

  • Marilyn Olmsted - CHS '67 Hidden

    Good Luck Jeff!

  • Gigi Hidden

  • Richard Liskov CHS '67 Hidden

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