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270 miles-Boston to NY

This will be my fifth year being involved in the Tri State Trek.  Many of you have previously received my request for support for this event, which supports ALS Therapy Development Institute (, the Boston-based non-profit biotech research firm, dedicated to finding a cure for ALS.

Those diagnosed with ALS generally live 2-5 years after first being diagnosed.  There are 6,000 new diagnoses each year and 30,000 people living with the disease in the U.S.  Because of these small numbers of cases relative to the population, dollars available for research, particularly from public sources, is severally limited.  Hence the need for private fundraising such as the Trek to provide significant additional support for research.

The Tri State Trek consists of a 280-mile bike ride undertaken over three days from Boston, through the rolling hills of Connecticut and New York and ending in downtown Greenwich.  Last year, my training for the ride was interrupted by a crash due to an untimely opening of a truck door, resulting in stitches, bruises and a concussion that prevented me from riding.

This year, my schedule and, honestly, my dampened enthusiasm for getting back out into the traffic, has led me to a different commitment to the Trek.  I plan to “ride” the 280 miles on my Peloton bike between May 1 and June 30.  Those who have a Peloton bike can track my progress.  My user name is splat1957.  Or, if you have the Stava app, I can be followed there as well.

I am humbly asking for your support.  Despite not being physically a part of the three day ride, the research being undertaken by ALS TDI is too important for me to stop supporting it.  The ride contributes almost 10% to the operating revenues to the company and my team, Crush ALS/Team Bannon, raised over $200,000 last year.  Thanks to your support, I personally raised over $37,000.

For this year’s ride, I am personally pledging to match dollar for dollar all contributions I receive.

Please log on to my fundraising page at to contribute.  Many of you are business associates as well as friends.  My compliance department would appreciate it if you would limit your contribution to $1,000.   

I am very appreciative of your support.






  • The Henry Dure Bullock Family Foundation $10,000.00

  • Fried Frank Harris Shriver Jacobson LLP $1,000.00

  • Christopher Hoffmann $1,000.00

  • John Bliss $1,000.00

  • Anonymous $1,000.00

  • Anonymous $1,000.00

  • Clyde Holland $1,000.00

  • Lincoln Property Company $1,000.00

  • Kevin Shannon $1,000.00

  • Murray Hill Properties $1,000.00

    Good Luck Steve! Norman, David & Brett

  • Rick Kirk $1,000.00

  • John & Wende Miller $1,000.00

  • The Cordes Family LLC $1,000.00

    Good luck, Steve!

  • Stephen Latimer $550.00

  • The Kucha Family $500.00

    Thank you for fighting the ALS battle.

  • The Weld Family $500.00

  • Quentin Kuhrau $500.00

  • The Bowen Family $500.00

  • Bob Watson $500.00

  • Bruce & Shelley Morrison $500.00

  • Frank Sullivan $500.00

  • Anonymous $500.00

  • Rich Mendelson $500.00

    Gsld you decided to ride!

  • Mark and Heather Barbieri $500.00

    Well done, Steve!

  • Palmer Capital Inc $500.00

  • Jeff Scott $500.00

  • Bill Pollard $250.00

  • Maureen Lee and Mark Busto $250.00

  • The Jug Family $250.00

    Go Steve Go!

  • The Gowans Family $250.00

  • Roth $250.00

  • Douh Hanafin $250.00

  • Anonymous $200.00

  • The Bowser Family $200.00

  • Ramage Insurance Agency $150.00

  • Jeff Usow $150.00

    Great cause! (Watch out for potholes.)

  • The D'Emilio Family $150.00

  • Dave & Jan Augustavo $100.00

  • Pamela McKoin $100.00

  • Tom Peterson $100.00

  • Elizabeth Lorenzetti $50.00

  • Stacey Magee Hidden

    Steve, So happy to support you and this great cause.

  • Steve Silk Hidden

  • Greg Johnson Hidden

  • Eileen Marrinan Hidden

  • The Truex Family Hidden

  • Ann Sperling Hidden

  • Manuel Garibay Hidden

  • Joe and Lisa Piper Hidden

  • Steve and Anna Brunette Hidden

    Steve, notwithstanding the 'technical foul incident of 2017', wish you best on your trek!

  • Kate & John Goodwin Hidden

    Keep up the good work Steve.

  • Thomas Woodworth Hidden

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