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Riding for Those Who Can't

<h1>Team Sepucha's Fundraising Page</h1>

This summer, the Sepucha family is once again riding 270 miles to honor our father, Bob Sepucha, and help find an effective treatment for ALS. This terrible disease claims thousands of new victims each year. It typically starts with muscle weakness and spreads at varying speeds. Eventually, total paralysis sets in. But even as the brain continues to function normally, the disease exacts an enormous physical and emotional toll. ALS does not just destroy the body; it attacks the spirit as well.

It is hard to believe that is has been nearly four years since Dad passed away. Now that he’s gone, we swore we would join the effort to find a cure. That’s why, every June, we ride from Boston to New York with hundreds of others to raise money for ALS Therapy Development Institute, the world's foremost drug discovery center focused solely on ALS.

We ride to honor those who have bravely fought this disease and to help those whose fight continues to this day.

We ride to fund cutting edge research to find a cure. 

But most of all, we ride because Dad can’t.

Please join us. Donate today and join the fight against ALS. 




  • Mary Sepucha $10,000.00

    I miss you, Bob. love, Mary

  • Karen and Bobby Sepucha $5,000.00

  • Julie & Richard Penington $5,000.00

  • Kim Sonnen $1,000.00

  • The BGR Foundation Inc $1,000.00

  • Tracy Spicer $500.00

  • The McCabe Family $500.00

    Ride like the wind!

  • John, Claire & Erin Pfeifer $500.00

    Thank you Bobby, Karen and David for continuing the Team Sepucha tradition!!

  • The Brenkus Family $500.00

    Go Team! We are so inspired by you guys and this amazing event. xo

  • The Grabel Family $300.00

    Go Team Sepucha!!

  • The Roskey Family $300.00

  • Ryan and Charis Drant $300.00

  • Scott Amsbaugh $300.00

    Go Dave!

  • Cara and Kevin Richard $300.00

  • The McCarthy Family $250.00

  • Mary, Kevin & Rose $250.00

  • The Merhige Family $250.00

  • The Millers $250.00

  • J and Steffie Lowder $250.00

  • Wendy Millette & David Megan $250.00

  • Meredith and Damon $250.00

  • Kathleen Smith $250.00

    Stay safe, Bobby.

  • Brian S Ash $250.00

  • Whit Porter $250.00

  • The Wheeler Family $250.00

  • The Johnson family $250.00

  • Jay and Cyndi Gonzalez $250.00

  • The Wiates $200.00

    Always happy to support this wonderful event and cause!

  • The Sibley Family $200.00

    Get Some!

  • Doug and Kathy Johnson $200.00

    Bobby - so cool that you are continuing to do this! Doug

  • Robyn and Jordan $200.00

  • Teresa Penington $200.00

  • Jon Davidson $175.00

  • LeAnne Zumwalt $150.00

  • Brian and Johanna Roberts $150.00

    Go Team Seplucar

  • Tom & Laurie Lee $100.00

    Ride hard, Bobby. We're at your back. Tom & Laurie.

  • The Isenbergs $100.00

    We will raise a glass to your Dad on June 23rd.

  • Charlie Rausch $100.00

  • Sue & Bob Root $100.00

  • Brooke Moorhead $100.00

    Ride Well.

  • Michael Smith $100.00

    there will be a 1 for 1 GE corporate match to my donation. Good luck with the ride Best , Mike Smith

  • Alex and Laura Laats $100.00

    Good luck! We'll be thinking of you!

  • The Crowell Family $100.00

  • Carr Family $100.00

    Good luck!

  • The Monaco Family $100.00

    Good Luck Bobby!

  • Boynton Family $100.00

  • The O'Neil Family $100.00

    Good luck on the ride!!!

  • Allan Koswick $100.00

  • The Cushing $100.00

  • Richbourg family $100.00

  • The Spinosa Family $100.00

  • The Groht Family $100.00

    See you guys at the end

  • John and Sissy $100.00

    We're proud of team Sepucha.

  • Steve Milona $100.00

    Keep up the good fight!

  • The Scales Family $100.00

    Good luck, Bobby!

  • Sabrina Wallach $100.00

  • Kris Sallade $100.00

  • The Apsel Family $100.00

  • Carol Andrews $100.00

    Cheering Team Sepucha on from afar!

  • Hesp Family $100.00

    Have a great ride Bobby.

  • The Hayward Family $100.00

  • The Ryans $100.00

  • Karen Kuwana $100.00

  • The Hammersmith Family $100.00

  • Christopher Carr $100.00

  • The Bodenrader Family $75.00

    Good Luck, Sepucha's!!

  • The Noyes Family $50.00

    Best of luck on the ride Bobby!

  • Karen Rieger $50.00

    Go (again) Team Sepucha!

  • The Schubnel Family $50.00

    We'll be thinking of you, Team Sepucha.

  • The Messina Family $50.00

    Good luck Bobby and Karen!

  • The Kinney Family $50.00

  • Peggy and Gigi $50.00

  • The Toth Family $50.00

  • The better-late-than-never Mariniellos Hidden

    Hope it has been going well. Have a great last day!

  • Rice Powell Hidden

  • The Andrews Family Hidden

  • The Neff Family Hidden

    Have a great ride! We will always be rooting for you Team Sepucha!!

  • The Ginsbergs Hidden

  • The Oskuie Family Hidden

    Have a great ride for a great cause Team Sepucha

  • The Winer Family Hidden

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