Rider Support

I must thank you for such an amazing event. Very well organized, food, housing, bike support, rest stops all exceeded my expectations. I also did not expect the experience to be so moving. Emotionally I was deeply affected by each story and all the people I met. Events like this make us better people. Thank you!

Sabrina Bluestone
Tri-State Trek Rider
For The Love of Lorraine

Three days, 270 miles, $2000 in fundraising. This event is not easy, and it is not easy for a reason. We want to show ALS we mean business. Our goal is to show you that you can do this.

Regardless of who you are... Regardless of if you've ever ridden a bike before... Regardless of if you've ever fundraised before... You can move beyond your comfort zone and You Can Do This!


Whether you ride for one, two or three days, you need to train for the Tri-State Trek. It's about being safe and having fun. The way to guarantee that is by getting into the gym and getting on that bike.


The Tri-State Trek is about raising money to help find an effective therapy for a terrible disease. Fundraising is the most important part of the event. We have great fundraising tools and ideas, and can help you reach and exceed your goals!

Event Handbook

Our event is three days, with a venue that stretches across 270 miles. It is an event full of logistical details. Questions will arise, and we find our handbook is a great tool!