Team Epiphany's Fundraising Page

Coming together to end ALS, to the glory of God

<h1>Team Epiphany's Fundraising Page</h1>

This year we are rallying our parish family to support the ALS Therapy Development Institute in a significant and loving way.  Our parish has been, and continues to be, deeply affected by this horrible disease. Let’s take a stand and make a push against it – to the glory of God.




  • Peggy and Jack Roll $300.00

  • The Walsh Family $250.00

    Ride on, friends! Thanks for doing this!

  • Jane & Robie White $200.00

  • Parish of the Epiphany Vestry $200.00

  • Anonymous $100.00

    Ride on, ride on.

  • Errington Thompson $100.00

  • Di & Jim Cullen $100.00

    Thank you for riding for ALS. My friend Kathy Stamski, ,an amazing woman, died of ALS. Her daughter Becky McKnight can be reached at It would be great to reach out to her an

  • Tom Stephens $100.00

    Have a great ride for this great cause!

  • The Gaither Family $100.00

    We behind you all the way, Jason! We donate for Rick and all who are up against this unrelenting disease.

  • Julie Ambler $100.00

  • Di & Jim Cullen $100.00

    This is in honor of Jack (John) O’Neil from Dunlap, IL. My friend Mike O'Neil's beloved Dad.

  • David & Leslie Grant $100.00

    Ride On!

  • Brett & Dave $100.00

    We are so grateful for you, Jason. You are inspiring to us both. And We Love You! Brett & Dave

  • Bill Burns $100.00

  • Miriam Gelfer & Lisa Garcia $100.00

  • Ann Baratta $100.00

  • Bill Saunders and Carol Hollingshead $100.00

    Thank you for riding.

  • The DeCourcey Family $100.00

  • Don & Carol Anne Brown $100.00

  • Brett and Dave $100.00

    We are so grateful for you and Matt taking on such a huge, exciting ride. You two are making a big difference in our world. Thank you! Brett & Dave

  • Hope and Doug Turner $100.00

  • Cindy Neels $100.00

  • Patricia Hitchcock $100.00

  • Stephanie Terry $100.00

    Thank you for making this huge commitment in preparation and time off for the ride!

  • Jo Devlin $100.00

  • Teresa Harrington $100.00

  • Anonymous $50.00

    May the wind be at your back! Good luck!

  • Anne Neilson $50.00

    Good luck to the team and many thanks.

  • Anonymous $50.00

  • Ant $50.00

    Good luck!

  • Brian Bagenstose $50.00

  • Richard Spada $50.00

  • Nancy Baratta $50.00

    Have fun and enjoy the Ride!!

  • Amy Baratta $50.00

  • The LaMachia-Bingham Family $50.00

  • Barbara Dewolfe $50.00

  • The Lang Family $20.00

  • Carl 'Habo Espanol muy Bien' Miller $20.00

    anything that stops you smoking pot... well done Matty boy ... te queremos x

  • The Tillotsons Hidden

  • The Collin de Casaubon Family Hidden

    Jason, All the best to you!

  • The Collin de Casaubon Family Hidden

    Best of luck to you and Matt!!!

  • The Streets Hidden

  • Rosalyn Nazzaro Hidden

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