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Riding in support of Ernie Fournier

This summer I am riding 104 out of the event's 270 miles to find an effective treatment for ALS. Ernie is the brother of one of my closest friends and is one of the nicest and positive people I have had the pleasure to meet. It's my honor to be riding on this team in support of him.  Please help support the effort as well!






  • Jim & Cathy Walter $100.00

    Craig, one word of advise, stretch :)

  • Bball guy 5466 $50.00

  • For Ernie $50.00

  • Nikki's Nature $50.00

  • Rob and Kate $50.00

    We are square behind you. Be careful and thank you .

  • Scott and Carmen Schaffer $50.00

    Thanks Craig!

  • Peter Stein $25.00

  • Robert Scarpati $25.00

  • January Smith $25.00

  • Mark Radocy $25.00

  • Anonymous $25.00

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