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Riding for those who no longer can

<h1>Peter Fortier's Fundraising Page</h1>

In the summer of 2015 the "Ice Bucket Challenge"  in effort to raise money for ALS research went viral! I participated along with many friends and family to raise money for a good cause and have some fun. I had no way of knowing my brother in law, Ernie Fournier., would soon be diagnosed with ALS. In the fall of 2015 Ernie was diagnosed with ALS. All of of sudden this illness became very real for me. Ernie's has been inspiring as he battles this awful disease. Although he has lost his ability to speak, as well as many other physical limitations, he greets everyone with a smile and a hug and is "fighting a good fight". The research being done to find a cure for ALS is aggressive, but it is costly. On June 23 I will be riding in the ALS Tri-State Trek for the 2nd year. The day one ride is about 105 miles from Boston College to UCONN, Storrs. I've started training, and "hardening my seat". I humbly ask for your support. Please know any amount will be greatly appreciated. I also ask for your prayers for the success of this fund raising event and all those who are fighting the good fight against ALS. Please know you can contact me if you have any questions about ALS or the Tri State Trek. Blessing to all.




  • The Patricks $250.00

    GO TEAM ERNIE!!! Best to you all in your training and fund raising. What a true labor of love. You all inspire me so.

  • Margaret Schock $200.00

  • The Schell Family $100.00

  • The Schock Family $100.00

    We are all proud of you and the boys! Great job Peter!

  • The Lutrzykowski Family $100.00

    Peter- Pedal Hard, Stay Strong and Stay Safe. Your family is in our prayers!

  • Tim Begley $100.00

  • The Dube family $100.00

  • Pamela Fournier Gudrian $100.00

    GOD Speed Peter in the race and Blessings and strength for Ernie 💜

  • The Homans $100.00

    Have a great ride

  • Jim & Ellen Bowdon $100.00

    God bless you, Ernie! Have a great ride, Peter--what a loving brother-in-law!!

  • Jane & Bill Bachman $100.00

    Thank you, Peter!

  • Linda Samuelson (SAM) $100.00

    Glad to donate to such a great cause. Love you Ernie ❗️

  • Brault Family $100.00

  • Ted Almy $100.00

  • Quality Welding LLC $100.00

    From the Employees of Quality Welding LLC

  • The Gacek Family $100.00

    Thinking of you all. Wishing you a safe ride.

  • Bernie & Debbie Horovitz $100.00

    We are happy to support the fight to eradicate ALS. Good luck on the ride.

  • Don and Betsy McCarthy $100.00

    Our thoughts and prayers will be with you, Bryan, Tyler, Justin and all the riders who are participating to help raise funds to end this dreadful disease.

  • Tim and Carol $100.00

    have fun, be safe, and BREATHE!

  • Susan Schock $100.00

    Way to go Pete!! What a great effort you are making on Ernie's behalf and all those suffering from ALS. I will thinking positive thoughts for all of you!! Be safe! Make us over 50 somethings PROUD

  • The Beerbowers $100.00

  • Len & Claudia $100.00

    God bless the Fortier Family!

  • Joe and Barbara $100.00

  • The Micari Family $100.00

    Good luck in your ride Peter!

  • Anonymous $100.00

  • The Vacca Family $100.00

  • Nash, Piffner, Lagace $75.00

    For Ernie... Pedal fast Pete.

  • Marilyn Fitzpatrick $75.00

  • The Mills Family $50.00

    Our prayers continue for your entire family. Amazing Job on the ride!

  • The Dudzik Family $50.00

  • The McCausland Family $50.00

  • Peter Fitzpatrick $50.00

    Go Team Ernie!!!!!

  • The King family $50.00

  • Cousin from Canada $50.00

    What a team you have Peter to race for Ernie cause

  • Perotti Family $50.00

  • Susan Mercer $50.00

  • The Villards $50.00

    All our best Pete, Bryan, Tyler and Justin on your ride. We are with you in spirit. ❤

  • The Lloyds $50.00

    Ride like the wind, Peter!

  • The First's $50.00

    Loved meeting Ernie at the basketball game- his spirit shines through! A true inspiration! God Bless and good luck on a very long ride:)

  • The Holt Family $50.00

    May the wind always be at your back. Blessings to all involved!

  • Father Bob Grant $40.00

  • Kim & Amelia $25.00

    Thank you for such a gallant effort in working to eradicate this disease and support your brother in law. God bless you.

  • Sam Sirott $25.00

  • Maureen Prior $25.00

    Good luck to you and your boys on the long ride. Much love to Ernie.

  • Saddie Mecca $25.00

  • Mr. & Mrs. Mark Wilson $25.00

  • The Fitzpatrick Fortier Family $25.00

    So proud of Ernie and all his family and friends as we continue to work to find a cure for ALS.

  • The Grecula clan $25.00

  • Karen Mulready $25.00

  • Bob and Janet Glynn $25.00

  • The Magna Family $25.00

  • Gino and Julie Giansanti $25.00

  • Mr. & Mrs. Kogan $20.00

  • Arlene & Matt Sirott Hidden

    Thanks for riding!

  • The Fernandes' Hidden

    Good luck Peter and sons, ride safe!

  • Ray & Cheryl Fitzpatrick Hidden

    Peter, Hope you have a safe ride with Tyler, Bryan & Justin. Ernie is in our thoughts and prayers.

  • Lisa and Mike Peluso Hidden

    Best of luck Pete, Tyler, Bryan and Justin.

  • The LeDuc Family Hidden

    Happy ride, Pete. With you in spirit!

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