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Riding for those who no longer can

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On the last weekend of June, I'll be riding my bike 270 miles over three days from Boston to Greenwich, Connecticut in the Tri-State Trek, along with hundreds of other people raising money to find a cure for ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).  There are about 30 people riding on our team alone, Team Ernie. 


Ernie Fournier, a member of the church in Boxborough I grew up going to, has been living with ALS for about two years now.  It is one of the most cruel and awful diseases there is, slowly stealing the life out of everyone who develops ALS.  It is a motor neuron disease, meaning it attacks certain cells in the brain and spinal cord that are needed to keep muscles moving.  Over time, this paralyzes the body, including eliminating a person's ability to speak and swallow. 


There is no cure yet or effective treatments and nobody knows how or why people develop the disease, but research has shown what happens on a cellular level to people with the disease.  There are currently dozens of clinical trials evaluating potential treatments, all thanks to donated money.  The research is ongoing and headway being made every day, and this fundraiser helps fund the ALS TDI directly: 


Please help me reach my goal of $2,000, and my team's goal of $30,000.  You can donate online or download and mail in a form, or if you would rather hand me cash or a check, just let me know.


Thank you!




  • Ron and Mary Anne Vogel $300.00

    Have a great ride for a great cause!

  • Matt Vogel $100.00

  • Jen & Chris $100.00

    What a great cause!

  • The Chernila Family $100.00

  • Joe Maher $50.00

    Enjoy the ride Matt

  • Anonymous $50.00

  • Mike Bower $50.00

    Good luck Matt.

  • Carl Taylor $50.00

    Great cause Matt

  • Diane Curtis $50.00

  • Brian, Ariel, Sacha, and Sadie $50.00

  • Amy Rusiecki $50.00

    Go get 'em Matt! You are awesome for taking on this challenge.

  • Charlie Pillarella $50.00

    Good luck, Matt!

  • Carl Dale $50.00

  • Peter Daly $50.00

  • Michael Walsh $50.00

  • Steven Levandosky $50.00

    Have a great ride Matthew!

  • Caro $50.00

  • Brian O'Sullivan $30.00

  • Lev Volfson $25.00

    Good luck Matt!

  • Karin Oleski $25.00

  • Mark & Donna Leavitt $25.00

    We wish you the best of luck Matt!

  • Jenifer Feaster $25.00

  • Kristina Duane $20.00

  • The Michel Family Hidden

    Thanks for doing this Matt. Hope the ride went well!! You are amazing. Regards, Iain

  • Bob Cargill Hidden

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