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Riding for RJ and those who no longer can.

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In July 2007,  my cousin, Sergeant Roger Petrone Jr., or RJ, was formally diagnosed with ALS. As the case usually is, awful things such as ALS strike the best of people and RJ is definitely in that category.

Visiting him in Connecticut and memories created over the years are held dearly.  His smile and sense of humor extolled by many. There are no words to adequately describe RJ without doing him an injustice.  Needless to say, I am beyond honored to call him my cousin.

I volunteered in 2009 at John Street and was so completely moved by all the amazing, caring people there that I came home exclaiming to my dad "I'm going to ride 100 miles next year!" Neither one of us were what you would call cyclists, but in 6 months time we had trained and completed the 2010 Tri-State Trek.

I have since participated in the Trek and plan to participate in it every year until a cure is found and fundraising is no longer neccessary. As some of you may know, in Feb 2014, RJ found peace at last.  This loss does not mean the fight for a cure is over though, if anything, it inspires a bigger drive to prevent anyone else from enduring such a terrible disease.

Any amount is greatly appreciated to help support my efforts in raising money for the research and cure of ALS.

And the flag is back!  FlagTrek2017 is part of my fundraising campaign to honor and remember our loved ones. 

For anyone wishing to make a donation of $25 and would like to have your loved one's name included on the 2017 flag - please include his/her name in the special acknowledgement section during the donation process.   Also, after completing your donation please email the name to  Please note that name submissions for flag need to be received no later than 5/26/17 to allow for print production time/deadline.

The flag will travel the 270 miles over 3 days from Cambridge, MA through NY to the finish line in Greenwich, CT.  As was done with the 2015 and 2016 flag, after the Trek it will be donated to ALSTDI to be displayed as a daily reminder and motivator for the greatest ALS research staff in the world working to #endALS.

Thank you for your generosity and support!  




  • Karen Wilke $250.00

    In honor of #HotBob - please add Bob Duffy to the flag. Thanks for honoring PALS past and present, and for working to ensure that one day there will be no "future" PALS.

  • The Hope-JG Foundation $250.00

  • Debbie Buell & Charlie Henry $200.00

    Brava Molly, have a great ride!

  • Jackie June $100.00

    In honor of Matt and every ALS Warrior out there...

  • The Doone Family $100.00

    In memory of Dad, Bernard E. Doone Jr.

  • The Heseltines $100.00

    In memory of my Dad, Jim Fahsel, my aunt, Marsha Warneck, my cousin Kathy Poulsen and in honor of my friend, Bob Kring.

  • The Black Family $100.00

    In loving memory of my brother Chuck Carter

  • Staci Rivas in Memory of Carol Comley, my mom $100.00

    Thank you for your efforts and strong spirit in the naming of beating ALS!

  • Susie Krause $100.00

  • Wanda & Charles Wilson $100.00

    In memory of my sister Carol Rivas Comley

  • Christy Smith $100.00


  • Mary K Booth and family $50.00

    Randy D. Booth - ALS never dimmed your light and you forever your loving memory

  • Charles Bauer Family $50.00

    In memory of our superman.

  • Jeannette and Tom Oglesby $50.00

    Given in memory of my son, David Deutsch.

  • In Memory of Bernard Doone II $50.00

    Would like to submit Bernard Doone II name for the Flag Trek 2017.

  • Take time to feel the warmth of the sun on your face and be safe. Blake and Kyle $50.00

  • In honor of Dianna Thurtle-Shuster & Robert Thurtle $50.00

  • Chris & Arabella Bernier $50.00

    In memory of Amanda Bernier

  • Rebecca Collum and boys $50.00

    In loving memory of Chad Collum

  • Kate Carr $50.00

    Good luck, Molly! May the wind be at your back!

  • Steph Atkins $50.00

  • Anni Altz $50.00

    Name for flag: John Altz

  • Jaimee Williams $50.00

  • In Memory of Gene/Tom/Papa Robarts $50.00

  • Kathy York $50.00

    In honor of my husband Ted York.

  • Cynthia Greulich $25.00

    Cynthia Greulich ALS PALS 14 years

  • Cynthia Greulich $25.00

    janet krause-palkewick ALS pals WARRIOR over 20 years still fighting

  • Robin Bennett $25.00

    Thanks to everyone's efforts to help those of us who are stricken!!!

  • Bryan's ALStars $25.00

    Bryan Beaudry

  • Michele Stryker Hidden

    In memory of my husband, Dennis Stryker, my brother-in-law, Ed Tracy and Sean Ladick.

  • In honor of Stephen Finger Hidden

    Name for flag. Stephen Finger

  • Cindy Dillon Brightman Hidden

    In loving memory of Brian & RJ, & in honor of all Pals <3

  • Honoring LCDR Matthew Bellina (ret) Hidden

    Please add: LCDR Matthew Bellina (ret)

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