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Riding for Ernie, and others like him him who are fighting ALS

<h1>Jim Howie's Fundraising Page</h1>

I didn't have any understanding or comprehension of the disease ALS until it hit my best friend Ernie.  It is a hideous, ugly disease, with little or no effective treatment.   As I talked to friends, I found many others ALS had devastated. One friend lost a brother in law, another his first wife, the list went on and on.  So I'm riding to to help find a cure for Ernie and others, and would greatly appreciate your support!  This my second year for the ride, and I have to say that 275 miles in 3 days is a long way to go.   I'm sure I have been more tired than at the end of day 3 of last year's ride, but I just don't remember when.  But it pales to the effort people figthing ALS have to face daily. So please join with me in donating to ALS-TDI, to drive research to find treatments and ultimately a cure.  Thanks for your help and support.

Jim Howie




  • Jim and Teresa Howie $1,000.00

    Go Team Ernie

  • The Paramore Family $200.00

  • Alex Piteo $100.00

    Hope you have a great ride Jim! Best of luck to your friend!

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