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Riding for those who no longer can

<h1>Joe Nardi's Fundraising Page</h1>

This year, I will be riding in my 3rd Tri-State-Trek, a 3 day, 270+ mile bike trek from Newton, MA to Greenwich, CT.  In order to prepare, I've been hitting the gym, doing countless spin classes and putting in hours of sweat and cardio.  I've tinkered with my bike to get it to optimal performance...only to have screwed it up and bring it back into the shop.  I've sacrificed time, and will be missing out on a big event on the same weekend just to do the ride itself.  I've dragged my wife and sister into volunteering....What I'm getting at is that this is important to me and I've done my part to get ready, and am now looking to you for help.

I am riding to support ALS research and my good friend, Pete Frates, who is living with the disease.  ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), or Lou Gehrig's disease, is a degenerative disorder that paralyzes the body but leaves the mind intact.  Patients on average only live 2-5 years with ALS. There is no cure.

Since the ride's inception in 2003, over $7 Million has been raised. This year, my contribution is to, at a minimum, raise $2000.  Help me beat that!  Let's get to $8 Million...Let's get to 9!  Let's end this disease!!!




  • Bowling Event (matching donation to come!) $400.00

  • Joseph Glandorf $300.00

  • Jency & Mike Barnes $250.00

    Apply plenty of that Eurostyle!

  • Steve Schedin $100.00

  • Brad Collins $100.00

  • Libby and Jack $100.00

    Good Luck Joe. Cailyn will take the reigns next year.

  • Coach Hunt $100.00

  • Krista & Pat $100.00

    Good luck, Joe!!

  • Andrew Ruggiero $66.66

  • Rich Stover $50.00

  • Katelyn Barry $50.00

    Go Joe!!!!

  • Lucy and George $50.00

  • The Boudys $50.00

    Go Get Em Joe!

  • Anonymous $50.00

  • Anonymous $50.00

    Great cause - go Joe!

  • Bla $30.00

    You rock Joe! Sorry we missed the bowling event

  • Karyn Gottardi $25.00

  • Danielle Vario $25.00

    Wow 3 years in a row! Awesome! Thanks for holding the team together!

  • Yael Rosenblum $25.00

  • Ashlie Whitten $25.00

    Happy to support you in this cause. Best of luck on your ride, Joe!

  • Adam Moreschi $25.00

    Let's find the cure to this horrible disease!

  • Leah Johnson $25.00

  • Alexa Campbell $25.00

  • The Latraverse Family Hidden

    Good luck Joe - Lots of love! Leo, Grace, Leila, Marina & Gino

  • Lizzy P. Hidden

    Ride fast, Joe! Go get 'em!

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