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What about Bobby?

<h1>Jeremy Roy's Fundraising Page</h1>

            This is the first year I have been brave enough to conquer the whole event as a 3 day rider cycling 275 miles and I will continue doing this ride every year until there is a cure. 

This is what I will guarantee to you as a donor:

1. I will ride all 275 miles of this course

2. I will train at least one hour cycling per day until the race

3. I will lose at least 100 lbs between last year’s trek and the start of this years

4. I will send you a personal thank you video of me training one minute/per dollar donated

Many of you know a relative or best friend (in my case), who has ALS.  The struggle with ALS is absolutely horrifying and debilitating to not only the person fighting for their life but those around them.  This being my third year on the race I would like to share a little bit of my experience with the trek and why it will always be a part of my life. My first year participating in this event I rode only the first day alongside one of my best friends Bobby Forster whom a few months earlier was diagnosed with ALS . Bobby didn’t care if his hands didn’t work or all he could ride was a fixed gear, he was going to be a fighter.  Little did I know I would slowly watch my healthy (27 year old) friend over the next year lose almost all of his motor functions. This had an awful impact on my wellbeing, so much that the following year for the trek I could only do the 3 day crew because I did not take care of myself enough to participate in riding.  The second night of that trek as Bob received an award and gave a speech from his Tobi Eye Gaze I felt the most inspiration and fight come from a human then I ever have before.  At that moment I vowed to myself that next years trek...  this years trek... I will be riding the full race for those who can no longer do so.  




  • Friends and family of Jeremy Roy $400.00

    Fuck ALS. Lets see it J.

  • The Kochin Family $100.00

    Proud of your commitment to finding a cure. Keep up the strong work!

  • Mal $100.00

  • Jessica Couture $50.00

  • Aaron Roy $50.00

    Proud of you!

  • Georgina Roy $50.00

    Team What About Bobby, kick some ALS but!

  • Grady $50.00

    50 tug toners while holding a picture of us

  • Amanda Fascendini $50.00

    50 burpees please! Good luck.

  • Melissa Labadia $50.00

  • Cameron Pinnock $50.00

  • Anonymous $40.00

  • Emma Colucci $25.00

  • MJS $25.00

    You are an inspiration, J. Love You brotha. +1 for humanity

  • John Cipollo $20.00

  • T.Wang $20.00


  • Heather Nolan Hidden

    HELL YEAH!!!

  • Seth Phelan Hidden

    Keep up the work

  • Brittany Hidden


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