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What about Bobby?

<h1>Jeremy Roy's Fundraising Page</h1>

            This is my first year riding 3 days and cycling 275 miles.  This event has been such an inspiration in my life that I vow to continue particpating in every year until there is a cure.  Last year I volunteered for the 3 day crew and needless to say the event was SOOO AMAZING! Since then, I have refocused my efforts into making my body healthier and ready to be a rider.  Some things that entailed are training basically every day and being sober since last year. I could not express my gratitude enough for ALS TDI and the people on our my team. Go Team What About BOBBY!  

Thank you so so MUCH, Thank you, Thank you, Thanks to any one who donated already and who is looking at this page. Whether your spreading awareness donating time or money it all means so much to me and the ALS commmunity! 

For any one who donates l will send you a personal thank you video of me training one minute/per dollar donated or workout of your choice per request. 





  • Friends and family of Jeremy Roy $400.00

    Fuck ALS. Lets see it J.

  • Fundraising BBQ $340.00

    Thanks for showing up for the cause! love yall!

  • Anonymous $310.00

  • Robert Utterback $100.00

  • The Kochin Family $100.00

    Proud of your commitment to finding a cure. Keep up the strong work!

  • Mal $100.00

  • Jessica Couture $50.00

  • Aaron Roy $50.00

    Proud of you!

  • Georgina Roy $50.00

    Team What About Bobby, kick some ALS but!

  • Grady $50.00

    50 tug toners while holding a picture of us

  • Amanda Fascendini $50.00

    50 burpees please! Good luck.

  • Melissa Labadia $50.00

  • Cameron Pinnock $50.00

  • Aaron $50.00

    Looking forward to riding with you!

  • Anonymous $40.00

  • Emma Colucci $25.00

  • MJS $25.00

    You are an inspiration, J. Love You brotha. +1 for humanity

  • John Cipollo $20.00

  • T.Wang $20.00


  • Heather Nolan Hidden

    HELL YEAH!!!

  • Seth Phelan Hidden

    Keep up the work

  • Brittany Hidden


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