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~~NOVEMBER 21, 2012
Do you remember this day?
Do you know where you were at 6:00 pm on Wednesday November 28th 2012?
This is the day WE were educated on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.  I had heard of this disease before as it related to Stephen Hawking however, knowing someone who has this disease and loving someone who has it is beyond comprehension.  Jim and I were blindsided – how could anyone that fit and active be handed a life expectancy of two to five years. 

November 21, 2012 My husband, Jim was given a referral to a neurologist and a preliminary diagnosis of Motor Neuron Disease and a death sentence.   From that day forward – from that moment forward our lives would forever change.  There were only a few times in our 20 years that I saw him uncomposed his response was some people just draw the "short straw". 

Although his battle was very short I saw it take a vibrant healthy man full of energy and reduce his mobility and breathing limiting his ability to function and eventually taking his life in June of 2013.
2PM June 18th 2013 – I received an email from my best friend, the love of my life, my rock – that said I love you babe.  That is the last time we interacted… well the last time for anything.  ALS destroyed my world!

Those who knew him heard his matra daily "keep smiling" .

I volunteer for ALS funding to help others who were given a “life Sentence”.  I could not help my husband I could not stop this horrible disease from destroying him and shattering our dreams; but perhaps with additional testing we can prevent this disease from claiming any more lives.  Mothers, sisters, nieces, aunts, fathers, brothers, nephews, uncles….best friends, co-workers – age does not matter nor gender. 

Please make a donation today to help fund research in the hope a treatment or cure is found.  Any amount would help, thank you for your support.





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    Praying for a cure.

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