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Riding for Bob

<h1>Erin Walsh's fundraising page</h1>

This summer I am riding 100 miles and supporting riders doing the full  270 miles to find an effective treatment for ALS. $0.80 of every dollar raised for TDI goes directly to ALS research. After meeting our minimums for ALS TDI, all remaining money raised will go directly to Bob. This disease is estimated to cost over 100k/yr to live with and Bob intends to live until a cure is found, so let's help him do that and help ALS TDI find a cure. Every dollar helps. Thank you so much for your support! 




  • Walsh' $100.00

  • Melissa Abdou $100.00

    Go Erin & Sevi !!!

  • Kate Botelho $50.00

  • Teresa $50.00

    Go Erin!

  • Jennifer Gullins $50.00

  • Steve & Nancy $50.00

    Wishing you success!

  • Darryl & Rachel Stafford $50.00

    Go Erin!

  • Chrupcala-Marino Family $25.00

  • Sarah and Kaz $25.00

  • Nikki $25.00

    Go Erin and Sevi!

  • Apple and Scarlette 😘 $25.00

  • Mencer family $20.00

    I love what you're doing for Bobby. It's an encouragement to me!

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