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ALS is not an incurable disease - it is an underfunded one.

<h1>Jason Kinchen's Fundraising Page</h1>

In the past decade, I have known, or dear friends have known, several people who have been diagnosed with ALS. For quite a while now, my prayers have consistently included someone who suffers from or has recently passed away from ALS. 

This summer, as I did in 2015, I'm fundraising for a ride through southern New England to raise money and awareness for ALS.  As compared to some chronic and deadly diseases, ALS has remains stubbornly resistant to a breakthrough. Indeed, no effective treatment or cure has yet been discovered. Because of its reputation for slow progress, it remains underfunded. This situation is a shame because truly remarkable research is being done, and changing that reality is the passion and focus for many in the research community.  Really, all that stands between where we our now and finding an effective treatment is money.

So I humbly ask for your support for this very worthy cause - both financial and with your thoughts and prayers - for all of us volunteering and riding, for those searching for a cure, but mostly for those who have been diagnosed with this cruel disease.  Let's make a big push against it.




  • Peggy and Jack Roll $300.00

  • Parish of the Epiphany Vestry $200.00

  • Brian Carlson $150.00

  • Markus Penzel $100.00

    Jason: It was great to see you last year at the PMC. Impressed that (and sad to hear the reason why) you have taken on this greater challenge. All the best, Mark P.

  • The Nystrom Family $100.00

  • Tara Thornton $100.00

  • Michael Leibensperger $100.00

  • Leo and Joy Cass $100.00

    Bless you, Jason! Ride Safely.

  • Bill Burns $100.00

  • Derya Ozyurt $100.00

  • Di & Jim Cullen $100.00

    This is in honor of Jack (John) O’Neil from Dunlap, IL. My friend Mike O'Neil's beloved Dad.

  • David & Leslie Grant $100.00

    Ride On!

  • Errington Thompson $100.00

  • Di & Jim Cullen $100.00

    Thank you for riding for ALS. My friend Kathy Stamski, ,an amazing woman, died of ALS. Her daughter Becky McKnight can be reached at becky.macknight@gmail.com. It would be great to reach out to her an

  • Tom Stephens $100.00

    Have a great ride for this great cause!

  • Julie Ambler $100.00

  • Ant $50.00

    Good luck!

  • Anonymous $50.00

  • Richard Spada $50.00

  • Brian Bagenstose $50.00

  • Errington Thompson $50.00

  • Eric K. Bradford $25.00

    Go for broke!

  • The Lang Family $20.00

  • The Tillotsons Hidden

  • The Collin de Casaubon Family Hidden

    Jason, All the best to you!

  • The Streets Hidden

  • Jon Reusser Hidden

    Thanks for riding again Jason

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