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This is year two of Team Ernie participating in the Tri State Trek in support of my older brother Ernie.  Ern was diagnosed with ALS over two years ago.  Since he received that "death sentence" he has become truly inspirational to those around him.  This picture of him is exemplary of his spirit ....... arms stretched out to meet and greet whoever, big smile on his face.  This disease is the most cruel and horrific disease there is.  Ern has not been able to speak or enjoy eating the last few years.  His weight is now down to 100lbs from a strong athletic 180.  There is a dementia component to his disorder so it's difficult to tell where is mind is at this point.  The body slowly withers away........cruel, cruel disease.  This is why we ride.  We ride because Ern can't.  We ride to raise awareness.  We ride to raise money so future victims and families may not have to go through this.  There has been a major research breakthrough recently at ALS-TDI and they urgently need money to push this new drug along through government approval.  Please help with this cause and donate, any amount helps.  Thank you for your support.





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