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<h1>Lisa Bannon's Fundraising Page</h1>

This will be the 9th year in a row that I participate in the Tri-State Trek, the 280-mile bike ride from Boston to Greenwich, Conn. to call attention to ALS.

Why do I continue to ride? Because after all these years of fundraising, there's still no cure for ALS, a cruel fatal disease that causes total paralysis.  After our brother Chuck died of ALS in 2009, my brother Breen and I vowed to keep riding until researchers discover a cure. Earlier this year, the FDA approved the first new drug to treat ALS in over 20 years. There is evidence the drug slows disease progression in some patients. But it's not a cure and we need to keep going.

ALS-TDI which sponsors the annual Trek, is the largest non-profit research institution in the U.S. devoted entirely to ALS research. They depend on the nearly $1 million raised by the Trek every year – almost 10% of their annual budget -- to help fund numerous promising research projects. Thanks to all of you, CrushALS/TeamBannon alone raised over $200,000 last year, the biggest fundraiser of the Trek.  

Our team that began in 2009 with three riders has grown to 16 this summer from across the U.S. including Virginia, Washington D.C., Ohio, New York and New Jersey.

I’d like to thank all of you for your past donations and especially your moral support through the years. You don’t have to give every year, and you don’t have to give much. For those who do, please know you are making a difference.

Never Give Up!





  • Anonymouse Donor $10,000.00

  • Linda and Brian Sterling $1,500.00

    We are so proud of you, and amazed at the work your team does to help find the cure for ALS. Ride strong, and may you have a dry tailwind the entire way. We love Crush ALS!

  • Lisa Bannon and George Steinmetz $1,000.00

    For Chuck and for everyone who is living with ALS right now...

  • Glen Ridge High School- Crush ALS Club $870.00

  • Richard Mayo $500.00

  • Eben Shapiro and Sue Atkins $500.00

  • The Addario-Syracuse family $500.00

    xoxo Lisa & Joey

  • News Corp Giving $500.00

  • Juliet & Jonathan Krassenstein $360.00


  • Trish & David Peters $300.00

  • Christina Lynch $250.00

    Go, Lisa! You are amazing! XO Cree

  • Chuck and Joan Bannon $250.00

    In loving memory of Chuckie.

  • Patsy Perl $250.00

  • Art Streiber & Glynis Costin $250.00

    Congratulations to ALS / Team Bannon

  • Martin Peers $200.00

  • Maureen Kline $200.00

  • McKinney family $200.00

    Your dedication and perseverance are inspirational Lisa. Wishing you and your team a cool sunny ride !!!

  • The DeLuca Family $100.00

  • Martha Orbach $100.00

    Ride on, Team Bannon!

  • David Sanford and Lewis Stein $100.00

    Go, Lisa

  • Ed Kashi & Julie Winokur $100.00

    We love you Lisa!

  • Margo and Geoffrey $100.00

    Ride On! Listen carefully to hear us cheering you from New Jersey.

  • Nicole and Chris Rich $100.00

    Go Team Bannon!!! You are in inspiration!

  • Carla Devlin $100.00

    Lisa you and your team ROCK! Pedal safe and I am proud to support you and your team! I WILL join you one of these times!

  • In memory of Carol Hagerty Werner $100.00

    Thanks for your dedication to this vital cause, Lisa

  • Kathryn and Lisa $100.00

    Wonder Woman

  • Jennifer Millson $100.00

    Go Team Bannon!

  • The Murphys $100.00

    Go Lisa Go!

  • The Hanan Family $100.00

    Love your dedication. GO Lisa!!

  • The Pavan Family $100.00

    Congratulations to you all!

  • The Barnes/Schafer family $100.00

    You go girl!

  • Mike Miller $100.00

  • Heidi & David $100.00

  • The Gumbels $100.00

  • Kenneth and Grace McKenzie $100.00

  • News Corp Giving $50.00

  • Emily Nelson $50.00

  • Lydia Wagner $50.00

    Have a great ride Lis!

  • Marie & the Katonas $50.00

    Go Bella and Team Bannon!! So proud of your efforts.

  • Jennifer Maloney $50.00

  • Slezak Family $50.00

  • Patti Freed $50.00

    Team Bannon is amazing!

  • The Misset family $50.00

    Best of luck on your ride! So proud of you and your team, Lisa!

  • Lori Loebelsohn $36.00

    Congratulations on another great ride!

  • Dick Silverman $25.00

  • Mark & Mel Corroto $25.00

    Ride on Sister!

  • Jessica Licciardello $25.00

  • Susan FitzGIbbon Hidden

    Ride strong, Lisa!

  • Shari Dreier Hidden

  • Jill Kirschenbaum Hidden

    Go Team Bannon!

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