Eoin's Fundraising Page

Riding through three states to END ALS!

<h1>Eoin's Fundraising Page</h1>

On June 23-25  I am riding 270 miles to help find an effective treatment for ALS.

I'm riding this year because a good friend of mine has been stricken by this terrible disease and I really would appreciate your support to fund research that can treat and cure ALS. 




  • Di Paolo family $150.00

    Good Luck Eoin!

  • Gayowski Family $125.00

    Thank you Eoin for riding in behalf of Ernie

  • The Pieri Family $100.00

    Ernie is an inspiration to our community, and he continues to awe us with his fight and determination. Ernie - you have touched so many lives around you! You are surrounded by love and gratitude!

  • Laurie Gatley $100.00

    Thanks Eoin for taking a ride for ALS. Scott & Laurie Gatley

  • Jo and Gerry Gaebel $100.00

    Good for you, Eoin, for helping to stamp out this tragic disease. And God bless you, Ernie! Good luck to you both.

  • Karim Raad $100.00

  • Don Ball $100.00

  • Jean & John Small, Gillean & Richard Small $100.00

    Good luck Eoin!

  • Wendy Horgan $100.00

    Good luck Eoin and Team Ernie!

  • The Rejtos $100.00

    GO, EOIN! GO, ERNIE! We are rooting for you both! Much love from the Rejtos

  • Susan and Jim Russell $100.00

  • Bill and Patty Higgins $100.00

    Wonderful effort Eoin! Best of luck and enjoy the ride!

  • Anonymous $75.00

  • Jim and Darcy Sidwell $50.00

    Thanks Eoin for grinding it out to support finding a cure for ALS.

  • Bull Family $50.00

    In honor of our amazing friend, Ernie Fournier!

  • Caroline $50.00

    RIDE ON! Great cause Eoin. Thanks for your efforts.

  • Abby and Dennis Reip $50.00

    Thanks for riding!

  • Eliott $50.00

    Go Eoin - 270 miles is nothing for you!

  • Scott LaForest $50.00

  • Linda and Tim Foster $50.00

  • Simona and Cris Petcu $50.00

    Good luck Eoin And enjoy the ride!

  • Pat King $50.00

  • Cashman Family $50.00

    Good luck Eoin

  • Tornstrom's Hidden

  • Kerry and Cheryl Daigle Hidden

    Good Luck Eoin

  • Sue and Joe Niro Hidden

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