Dennis' Fund to Beat ALS!'s Fundraising Page

Riding for those who no longer can

<h1>Dennis' Fund to Beat ALS!'s Fundraising Page</h1>

For the third summer in a row I'm riding with Team What About Bobby to raise money to help find a cure for ALS. My buddy Bob has been living with ALS for about 3 years now. This disease sucks. I ride to help my friend get better treatment options, and so others won't have to go through what he and his loved ones have gone though. Help me hit my goal y'all. VIVA LA BOBBY!




  • Brady Rogers $200.00

  • Mom $100.00

    Go Dennis.

  • Richard Rogers $100.00

  • Kelvini $50.00

    Good look Bro!

  • Anonymous $50.00

  • Aunt Laurie and Uncle Bob $50.00

  • Tom Reed $50.00

  • Shirley $50.00

    Ride on!

  • Jim & Marge Libby $50.00

    Good luck on your ride - it's a great cause

  • Boo and Jeff $50.00

  • Marge Libby $50.00

    Best of luck to you and your team!

  • Brosh $25.00

  • Anonymous $25.00

  • Barbara Blackwell $20.00

    Sending hugs and support for your ride Dennis!

  • Max Rieman $10.00

  • Jason Lacoste $10.00

  • Brittany Young Hidden

  • Doug Shire Hidden

    Ride on!

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