Chuck's 2017 Tri-State Trek's Fundraising Page

This June will be my 11th consecutive 270 mile Trek! Be a part of our continued success and help us END ALS.

<h1>Chuck's 2017 Tri-State Trek's Fundraising Page</h1>

We started TEAM AMERICA back in 2007 with 2 guys and a challenge: ride bikes 270 miles because ALS is really awful and we have the chance to inspire others to join us in our effort to cure our friend Steve Saling. That's Steve (pictured). He's THE MAN.

Fast forward and to date, TEAM AMERICA has raised over $350,000 to support the ALS Therapy Development Institute and I'm happy to say that Steve is alive and well in spite of ALS! Unfortunately, ALS is still just as awful as it was back in 2007, so we're going to make sure we CRUSH it again in the 2017 Tri-State Trek so that the ALS Therapy Development Institute can hire more scientists, buy more ALS researching robots and cure ALS once and for all.

We recently moved to Stamford, CT which is a whole lot closer to the finish line in Greenwich, CT than our previous home in Seattle. All I need to do is raise money to support TDI so I can focus on pedaling all the way home. 

Please help me reach my goal and support the efforts of TEAM AMERICA 2017 by making a donation at the green "Donate NOW" link.

Three quick facts about ALS:

- ALS is a horrible, terrible very bad disease.

- ALS paralyzes patients from the eyes down, robbing them of their ability to move, speak and breathe without machines.

- Steve Saling is a good friend of mine, has ALS and inspires me every single day. Can you imagine having a positive attitude about life and the possibilities of overcoming ALS with technology when you're confined to a wheelchair and unable to speak on your own?

The Tri-State Trek is super challenging, but ALS will always be harder. THANK YOU for your continued support – TEAM AMERICA wouldn’t be a success story without YOU.


Chuck McNamee






  • Claire snd Ava $100.00

    Chuck... We are so proud of you! Go TEAM!

  • Jeff Cooper & Betsy Carroll $100.00

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