Chris Speights Riding for Team Truman to Fight ALS' Fundraising Page

Riding to support Team Truman who are neighbors and friends of ours.

<h1>Chris Speights Riding for Team Truman to Fight ALS' Fundraising Page</h1>

This summer I am riding in the Tri-State Trek to help find an effective treatment for ALS. We met the Truman's about 5 years ago just after we moved to Connecticut and they were the most positive and happy people we had met yet. A few years back Amy was diagnosed with ALS and between her and her family and especially Jeremy, they have met this challenge head on in all ways possible. I can't imagine what it's like on a daily basis to live with this disease, but I know they are a special family for the positive way they are fighting it, and I am happy to ride alongside Jeremy and the rest of Team Truman to support this fight against ALS. I know we all have a number of charities and events that we support, but if you can find a little extra to sponsor me as a rider, I can promise the money will go to a great cause that is making active progress in both understanding and learning to fight this horrible disease. Thank You!




  • The Speights Donation Matching Fund $400.00

    Thanks to everyone who donated a total of $400 on ride day! Here is the promised match! Awesome stuff, thank you all.

  • The Sapir family $50.00

    In support of Amy Truman!

  • The Lau family $50.00

  • The Grenier Family $50.00

    Well done Chris!!!!

  • The mellinger family $50.00

    Great job.

  • Joe and Brittany Degrassi $50.00

    We love you Pia and you are very missed! Nice work Chris, and for a wonderful cause

  • Sandra Hou $50.00

  • Rob Rosson $50.00

    Great job Chris

  • Margaret $25.00

    You're a good man Chris.

  • The Langer's $25.00

  • KD DePrez Grandchamp $25.00

    Keep going Chris!

  • Bob and Dana Sisson Hidden

  • Michelle Hsia Hidden

  • Scott Lawton Hidden

  • Mary and Gordon Whatley Hidden

    The Trumans are an extraordinary family. Amy is an inspiration.

  • Cheryl Skinner Hidden

  • Dianne Roberts Hidden

  • Natalia Faraldi Hidden

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