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Riding for those who no longer can.

<h1>Cohen-Leadholm Brothers' Fundraising Page</h1>

As many of you know, raising awareness and funds for ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) has been a very important cause to us for several years, ever since our buddy Steve Saling was diagnosed with ALS back in 2006

Following Steve's diagnosis, it was just months later in 2007 that Gabe co-founded Team America and biked 270 miles in 3 days from Boston to New York to support the ALS Therapy Development Institute, the world’s leading ALS research institution. The next year, in 2008, Ben joined the team and the fight. And then in 2014, Adam joined to complete the Cohen-Leadholm Brother Trifecta -- if only there were a three-person bike large enough to hold us...

Since Steve's diagnosis with ALS in 2006, we have witnessed -- and shared with many of you -- how ALS ended Steve’s 13-year career as an architect, and how for many years now ALS has forced Steve to use a motorized wheelchair to move, a feeding tube to eat, and a computer to speak.

What is truly extraordinary is how, even amidst these unimaginable challenges, Steve has helped to design and open multi-million-dollar, state-of-the-art residences in Boston and New Orleans that allow people with ALS to live independently. It was at the time of opening the Boston residence that Steve said, “I will contribute more than I ever would have if I'd remained healthy.”

Since Team America's start back in 2007, the team has expanded to more than 25 riders and has raised more than $400,000 for ALS research – and this year alone we are targeting the ambitious goal of raising more than $100,000!

To that end, we are hoping that you can make a contribution to the ALS Therapy Development Institute, the world’s leading ALS research organization. Anything can help, and we are truly grateful for your support of a cause that means so much to us!


Ben, Gabe, and Adam




  • The Bowe family $400.00

    Best wishes for a great ride!

  • David and Robin $300.00

    To Ben, Gabe, and Adam, May you have tail winds and no rain! Robin and David

  • Ellie $300.00

    You go bro(s)!

  • proud dad $300.00

  • Vicki Peterson $300.00

    In support of "team" Cohen !

  • The Zuos $300.00

  • Janet and Chris Arterton $300.00

  • Daryl, Raquel, and Baby Miles $250.00

    Go get'em Adam!

  • Melissa Shook $250.00

    Hurray for the brothers.......incredibly good fellow's...

  • Joan Mikula $250.00

    Thanks for riding!

  • Silvia Figueroa $200.00

    Great Job Gabe. We miss you in Metapan.

  • Santiago & Aurora $150.00

  • Keith M. Murphy $150.00

    Ride hard, my dudes!

  • Elaine Shiang $100.00

    Good job,brothers! Elaine Shiang

  • Kaitlin & Mat $100.00

    Nice work Ben and team!!

  • The Van Dykes $100.00

  • Alan Abrams $100.00

  • Ted Power $100.00

  • The Linhart Family $100.00

  • Matt Dresher $100.00

  • Amy Blumenthal $100.00

  • Anonymous $100.00

  • Matt Feiner $100.00

  • Avi Spivack & Fam $100.00

    Go Bros!

  • Mike Stevens $100.00

    You are awesome.

  • Jake and Claudia $100.00

  • Zach and Liz Southwick $100.00

  • Aaron Miller $100.00

  • Joseph Dizoglio $100.00

  • The Peters Family $100.00

    Happy cycling!

  • Cameron Arterton $100.00

  • Richard C Berdik $100.00

    Go, Binks!

  • Zak and Dianne Giannopulos $100.00

  • Rory Murray $100.00

    Hope the ride is great, the beer is cold, and that ALS gets cured!

  • Jules Lemire $100.00

    Couldn't be more inspired by your committment! Have a great ride B, G, A, and Team America.

  • The Petersons $75.00

    Awesome job Cohen Brothers!!!

  • The Walther-Puris $75.00

    So proud to support Team America!

  • Anne Quinn $50.00

  • Alexandra Marshall $50.00

  • Dina Tri-Saurous Rex Finkel $50.00

    Go Gabe Go

  • Glenn Leahey $50.00

    All the best. Glad there are new therapies and drug treatments available for ALS patients. WOuldn't have happened without the efforts of family and friends of those who've who've been afflicted with

  • Jocelin Engel & Eddie Signer $50.00

    What a great cause!

  • Nathan K. $50.00

  • sam $50.00

  • jess & greg goff $50.00

  • Natalie Collins $50.00

    Great work, Gabe! And Ben and Adam!

  • The Marcus Family $50.00

    Go Gabe and brothers!!

  • Geneva & Derek $50.00

  • Rachel Skerritt $50.00

  • J & H Southwick $50.00

  • Caroline Gaffney $50.00

  • Zaq Milner $50.00

  • Anonymous $50.00

  • Joshua Peterson $50.00

    Crush it!

  • Allan and Bernette Rashba $50.00

  • The Sullivan Family $35.00

    I just rode 35 miles, which was my longest ride ever. Pretty impressive! I'm donating one dollar per mile that I rode.

  • Aunt DeEtte $30.00

  • Kate Klein $20.00


  • Anonymous $20.00

  • Jason & Susy - your DC neighbors on Argonne Place $15.00

    Good on you all for fundraising and riding for ALS research; it's such a terrible disease. Go Team America, go!

  • Barbara Leadholm Abrams, aka Mom Hidden

    Your commitment to raising awareness and critical funding as you honor Steve and his courage is inspiring! Pedal on!

  • Beau & Morgs Hidden

    We love the Cohen Bros!

  • The Zuccon Family Hidden

  • Meg and Rick Hidden

  • Susan & Mike Klaveness Hidden

    Have a safe ride

  • Peter and Barbara Hidden

  • The Sharma Family Hidden

    Good luck BCL & Clan!

  • Dan + Heidi + Jake + Max + Meatball Abrams Hidden

    Have a great ride -- we love your dedication to finding to a cure to ALS.

  • Kippy Goldfarb Hidden

  • Aili & Fair Hidden

    Go Gabe and team!

  • Simon A. Hidden

    have a great ride!

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