The Samuels Rock's Fundraising Page (2013)

Riding for Jerome Samuels

<h1>The Samuels Rock's Fundraising Page (2013)</h1> This summer, Jerry's 3 children are riding 270 miles in honor of our father who truly loved his bicycle. And to help find an effective treatment for ALS. Please support our efforts.




  • Gail Samuels $1,000.00

    In loving memory of my husband

  • Bernice Seibel $500.00

    In memory of my beloved brother

  • Peter Gordon $500.00

    In Memory of our beloved Brother-In-Law Jerry Samuels. Given with love, Peter Gordon and Terry Dalton

  • David Topol $360.00

    David: I am so sorry for your family's loss. I am honored to be able to support The Samuels Rock and a great cause. David Topol

  • Eugene Meltser $300.00

    Good luck Dave, glad to support this. I never knew your dad but sounds like he was an amazing and inspiring man.

  • Eric Solomon $270.00

  • Sara Wasserman $250.00

    We are so happy to support you and this wonderful cause in honor of Jerry. Sending you all love. Sara, Jeff, Chase and Jolie

  • Wendy Kimelman $250.00

    Jerry would be proud! With Love, Wendy-Glenn-Ben-Jason

  • Jan Dulman $200.00

  • Roger Apple $200.00

  • Raymond Stockel $200.00

  • M Sokol $200.00

  • Leslie Ahari $200.00

    David, Best wishes for the race. Thanks for working on behalf of a great cause. Leslie Ahari

  • Xl Services $200.00

  • Kenneth Anchor $150.00

  • Bernadette Ellegard $150.00

    With all the love Jerry has given to his family, my donation is just a drop. God's speed in the endeavor to discover the cure!

  • Sara Wasserman $150.00

    We know you will make him proud :) xoxo from sara, jeff, chase and jolie

  • Laura Barash $118.00

    Go Samuels Rock!

  • Benjamin Albert $118.00

    We're rooting for you in every way!

  • Justin Kudler $118.00

  • Xl Services $118.00

  • Mona Ganz $100.00

  • Paula Berkowitz $100.00

    In loving memory of Jerry

  • Phyllis Gaynor $100.00

    In memory of Jerry Samuels. We pray this will lead to a cure. Phyllis and Marty

  • Diane Hoch $100.00

    In memory of Jerry Samuels

  • Jon Schmidt $100.00

    Safe riding! The Schmidts

  • Leonard Kulick $100.00

  • Seymour Gloger $100.00

  • Howard Cohen $100.00

  • Tricia Melly $100.00

  • Jaime Morgan $100.00

  • Marilyn Etcoff $100.00

    We are cheering for you!

  • Christopher Fagan $100.00

  • Julie Glassman $100.00

  • Stephanie Milford $100.00

  • Jennie Park $100.00

    Go Team!!!!

  • Stephanie Samuells $100.00

  • Barbara Bryan $100.00

    Such a wonderful tribute to your Dad. Best wishes on your journey!

  • Roberta Strohl $100.00

  • Russell Holmes $100.00

  • Kathleen Schutta $100.00

    Am sure your Dad will be smiling down on you and will give you all the strength you need to complete this ride!

  • Vicki Ann Frawley $100.00

    With love from the Frawleys.

  • Hannah Park $100.00

    Cheering you guys on from the West Coast!

  • Angela Haase $100.00

    Good luck with the ride! I will be thinking of you and your family. Angela Haase

  • Regina Byrne $100.00

    Debbie, please let us know how else we can help. xoxo, Gigi & Ed Byrne

  • Michael Schwarz $100.00

    Go Deb, you are truly superhuman! watch out for pot holes !!

  • Jennifer Ko $100.00

    Wishing you all the best on this ride!!

  • Karen O'Connor $100.00

    It is so great that you guys are doing this in honor of Jerry! Good luck on the ride! Love, The O'Connors

  • Lisa Finman $100.00

    Good luck to The Samuels Rock! The Finman Family

  • Tamara Silva $100.00

  • Jon Schmidt $100.00

    Here's to a great cause!!

  • Ursula Nadler $100.00

  • Brian Fuller $100.00

    In honor of my friend Dave Bryan who passed away with ALS on July 17, 2013 and Deb Braccia who rode in the Tri-State Trek. GREAT JOB DEB!

  • Brad Shalit $100.00

  • Xl Services $100.00

  • Joel Eisenberg $75.00

  • Ruth Delman $50.00

  • Stephen Smith $50.00

    Good luck to the Samuels Rock, I know you will do great!!! The Smitty's

  • Stanley Tulgan $50.00

  • Laura Kristol $50.00

    In memory of Jerry Samuels, may he rest in peace. Know he will be by your side during your mighty ride for a cure!! Mark & Laura Kristol

  • Rebecca Zarabi $50.00

  • Rebecca Pidlak $50.00

    Our thoughts are with you and your family.

  • Gavino Cartiera $50.00

  • Daniel Gottfried $50.00

    Zichrono L’Vracha, May His Memory Be For A Blessing. -The Gottfrieds

  • Bernard Horovitz $50.00

  • Victoria Juliano $50.00

  • Anthony Cohen $50.00

  • Bryan Mendelson $50.00

    ride strong for the cause!

  • Esther Feintuck $50.00

  • Laurie Morrison $50.00

    In memory of Jerry Samuels.

  • Lisa Gorham $50.00

  • Gina Frassetto $50.00

  • Elena Austin $50.00

    What a great way to honor your dad's life - doing what he loved to do with his children -

  • Gail Honeystein $50.00

    Go Samuels Team Go!!!!

  • Debra Garzieri $50.00

  • Steve Tyliszczak $50.00

  • Hj Schwarz $50.00

    Love you, Debbie. Jerry is the Rock! Henry, Molly, Pace

  • Li-Er Fradella $50.00

    We wish you all the best! Li-Er and Thomas Fradella

  • Jan Dulman $50.00

  • Deborah Bello $50.00

  • Phyllis Gaynor $50.00

    In memory of Jerry Samuels - Phyllis and Marty Gaynor

  • Sheryl Greenberg $50.00

    Your dad would be proud! Good luck on the ride :)

  • Linda Litvack $50.00

    Congratulations on your achievement for ALS!

  • Kwangjong Chen $50.00

  • Kathleen Munroe $50.00

  • Vivian Georgousis $50.00

    Deb, congratulations on a great ride in memory of your Dad, what an accomplishment!

  • Xl Services $50.00

  • Christine Brown $30.00

  • Anonymous $25.00


  • Margaret Krupa $25.00

    So sorry to hear of your loss. It is awesome that you guys are doing this ride! good Luck!!

  • Ian Gaynor $25.00

  • Susan Schall $25.00

  • Elaine Gardner $25.00

  • Cynthia Hoffman $25.00

  • Ruth Lowy $25.00

  • Lila Glassman $25.00

  • William Gangi $25.00

  • Sandra Kroll-Hellard $25.00

    Good Luck Deb! This is a great idea. A wonderful way to honor your Dad and to raise money for a worthy cause. Sandy Kroll-Hellard

  • James Gilmore $25.00

    Good luck!

  • Tracy Gangi $25.00

    Good luck, Deb, to you and your brothers!!

  • Syed Rizvi $25.00

  • Jane Ringlein $25.00

    Good Luck!

  • Jaime Lee $25.00

    Deb, So proud of you for doing this! Love, Jaime

  • Christine Jeffries $25.00

    Go Team Samuels Rock!

  • Ryan Packer $25.00

  • Alisa Molbert $25.00

    Go Deb!! I will be rooting for you!

  • David Lasky $25.00

  • Cassandre McKeefrey $25.00

    In loving memory of your father. The McKeefrey's

  • Celena Wong $25.00

  • Susan Smith $25.00

    Deb, Way to go! Happy to help in honor of your Dad. All the best, Sue

  • Michael Hurwitz $20.00

    Wishing you a good ride for this great cause - Kris and Michael

  • Morton Farber $20.00

  • Mindy Dimock $20.00

    Debbie good luck and be careful! You are all doing a wonderful thing and I know both Jerry and Shirley would be very proud of all of you!

  • Wendy Kimelman Hidden

    From your Livingston Friends!

  • Alicia Detorres Hidden

    Good luck to the team! Jerry was always so proud of all of you this is a great tribute to him. Love, the deTorres Family

  • Catherine Palmieri Hidden

  • JoAnne Mahoney Hidden

    You go Deb! Aunt JoAnne & Uncle Jerry

  • Steven Furst Hidden

    The Furst Family. Sandy, Anna, Ed, Jess, & Steve. You are all in our thoughts.

  • Andrea Mintz Hidden

    May this be a very special ride in memory of your day.

  • Susan Hamilton Hidden

    Go team go!

  • Rosa Belloli Hidden

  • William P Gangi Hidden

    Dear Deb, Congratulations on completing a difficult ride for such a noble cause. Bill Gangi

  • Denise Carlton Hidden

  • Elizabeth Greenspan Hidden

    To Dave, in memory of your dad. Your family is in our thoughts. Fondly, EJ and Steven Greenspan

  • Stacey Rubinstein Hidden

    Wishing you all the best as you do this amazing bike ride for you dad's memory.

  • Stephanie Mann Hidden

    Rock on Samuels. See you all in VT this August. Love, Stephanie

  • Lauren Krasnow Hidden

    Good luck, Dave! What an amazing thing you are doing! Lauren Krasnow & Ken Horenstein

  • Daria Vogel Hidden

    Good Luck Team Samuels Rock!

  • Marian Belloli Hidden

  • Andrew Braverman Hidden

    Given with love from the Braverman Family

  • Rhonda Wirth Hidden