Team Bannon's Fundraising Page (2011)

The time to find a cure for ALS is now

<h1>Team Bannon's Fundraising Page (2011)</h1>

This is the third year Team Bannon is riding the Tri-State Trek. Breen, Lisa and Elaine Bannon took on this grueling 270-mile, three-day ride from Boston to New York for the first time in 2009 in memory of Chuck Bannon, Lisa and Breen’s brother and Elaine’s husband, who died of ALS at the age of 44.

This year we are expanding our team to include others who have been affected by this terrible disease. Dan Terreri, of Youngstown, OH, lost his father, Joe Terreri, to ALS, and will be riding the Trek for the first time this year as part of Team Bannon. Ted Henken, from New York City, lost his mother, Susie, to ALS. Ted, who we met riding the Trek our first year, is also riding withTeam Bannon this year. Breen's son, Adam, along with Caroline Sauer will be volunteering as support crew for the Trek. We would also like to thank Charlie Macdonnell of Glen Ridge, NJ for donating all the proceeds from his 8th birthday party to Team Bannon, in honor of his grandmother, who has ALS.

We are riding the Trek again because we feel like we have to raise awareness: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a horrific degenerative neurological disorder that affects about 30,000 Americans. It leads to total paralysis due to the death of motor neurons in the spinal cord and brain. Scientists don’t know what causes it and there is no cure. Patients become completely trapped in their bodies, unable to speak, eat or breathe on their own. Most people live only three to five years after diagnosis.

Riding the Trek allows us to raise money to find a cure. All the money you donate goes to the sponsor of the Trek, ALS-Therapy Development Institute, America’s leading ALS research organization. Breen and Lisa toured the ALS-TDI lab in Boston last year and met with several of their top scientists. We believe they are close to discovering an effective treatment for ALS. You can read more about ALS-TDI and the Trek here:

By doing this event, we hope to keep the memory of Chuckie and of Joe alive, give other families now dealing with ALS hope that there will be a cure and inspire people to contribute: Together, we can raise enough money to solve this mysterious illness. We promised Chuckie before he died that his suffering would not be in vain.

Thank you again for your incredible generosity and continued support!




  • Lisa Bannon and George Steinmetz $1,000.00

    Let's end ALS

  • Elaine Bannon $1,000.00

    For Chuck.

  • Charles J. and Joan Bannon $500.00

  • Linda Sterling $500.00

    Lisa and Team: We are so proud of you. We'll be there with you, every turn of the pedal. Here's hoping for perfect weather that weekend. L

  • Allison Kimmich $500.00

    Good luck!

  • Glen Ridge Cupcake Kids $342.60

    We sold $342 worth of cupcakes and muffins to help stop ALS! Betsy Macdonnell, Nell Steinmetz, Nick Steinmetz, John Steinmetz

  • Alessandra Galloni $300.00

    Forza Team Bannon!!

  • patricia dickson $270.00

    Best of Luck Team Bannon Will be thinking of you. Trish Dickson & David Peters

  • Elizabeth Bannon $250.00

    happy birthday, Breen....God bless this Trek effort!

  • lisa addario $250.00

    Go Team Bannon! We love you, Lisa! xoxo Joey/Lee

  • Kathryn Curnow $250.00

    I hope you have great weather this year! Thanks for doing this for such a worthy cause.

  • Margot Macdonnell $250.00

    Thanks for riding for those who can't. You inspire us! Hugh and Margot Macdonnell

  • Dorothy Waldt $250.00

    Team Bannon: May the wind be at your back, the hills be mild and the ride be swift! We're rooting for you. Much love, Dorothy

  • Margaret Henken $250.00

    Way to go Ted. We are proud of your efforts to raise funds for this valuable research. Love, The Ted Henken Family

  • John terrance $250.00

  • Breen Bannon $200.00

    We will ride and ride, never giving up!

  • DEBRA DALESIO $200.00

  • michael fagert $200.00

    great work dan- good luck!

  • evelyn moser $200.00

  • William Streiber $200.00

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday from all of us Costin-Streibers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nancy Mumaw $200.00

    Breen & Dan - looks like you are almost at your goal, you just need a few more slowpokes like us! (Dan & Nancy Mumaw)

  • Juliet Krassenstein $180.00

    Team Bannon rocks! Our donation is Chai times 10 (lucky in Judaism). You're doing a great thing to honor Chuckie's memory. XOXO Bones

  • Merissa Marr $150.00

    You're the best Team Bannon!

  • Sara Lopergolo $150.00

  • Warren walker $150.00

  • Frances Terreri $100.00

  • jim hammond $100.00

  • paul sherba $100.00

    It's worth $100 to get Dan Tererri out of town for the weekend. Seriously, happy to help a good cause.

  • Mary Manning $100.00

    go Lisa, Breen & Dan! love, the Mangols

  • Kathleen Moran $100.00

    Lots of love. Your commitment is inspiring. David and Kathy

  • Michelle Berardelli $100.00

    Go Team Bannon! You continue to inspire us all!

  • eric axelson $100.00

  • John A. Donadee $100.00

    Good Luck Dan, enjoy the ride!

  • David Sanford $100.00

  • James Rost $100.00

  • Kathleen Huber $100.00

    We are proud of you and our hearts are with you in this journey . . .

  • john sattler $100.00

    Very worthy cause...thanks Danny

  • jacqueline boniface $100.00

    Good job, Lisa and family. Your brother would be proud of your efforts and your love. Ray and Jackie Boniface

  • Abby Schultz $100.00

  • gregory bestic $100.00

    Let's go Dan! Let's go Pens! Have a safe ride. Karen & Greg Bestic

  • Gregory Bestic $100.00

    Enjoy the experience! Your friends at Schroedel, Scullin & Bestic, CPAs

  • Brian Blasko $100.00

    Good Luck! Ride like the wind!!!

  • autumn ansel $100.00

  • Tami Furman $100.00

  • Ava Somogyi $100.00

    Good Luck from Sasha, Lilly and Alex

  • kimberly mckinney $100.00

  • Mary Hanan $100.00

    Ride On-- you're a great inspiration!-- The Hanans

  • Elizabeth Dory $100.00

    Team Bannon All The Way! xo, liz, steve, lane and elliot

  • Jennifer Moore $100.00

    Good Luck!!

  • Jerry Bryan $100.00

  • dave blasko $100.00

    Good Luck!!

  • Lynn Neils $100.00

    Good luck!

  • John Gittelsohn $100.00

    Have a nice, cool ride. Tex

  • Christina Lynch $100.00

    And hello! Stay cool out there, you guys!

  • Thomas Oneil $100.00

  • Ginny Downey $100.00

  • Julia Breckenridge $100.00

    Go Lisa Go!

  • Katherine Henken $100.00

  • Ric Leach $100.00

  • mary veronica duncan $100.00

    Go Teodoro

  • Stephen & Mary Lou Blasko $100.00

  • William Ogden Inc $100.00

  • Builders Association Of Eastern Ohio & Western Pennsylvania $100.00

  • Chris Creatura $100.00


  • Gary Crim $100.00

  • Daniel kelly $100.00

  • Nancy J Terreri $100.00

    In honor of my uncle, Joseph Terreri

  • William Wade $100.00

  • L Calvin Jones $100.00

  • John Gillespie $100.00

  • Gail Soboloski $86.00

    In Memory of Dad, Grandpa Joe, RIDE TO END ALS-GO DAN AND TEAM BANNON! Love, Joe & Gail

  • Joyce Tomerlin $85.00

    In honor of Elaine Terreri and in memory of Joe Terreri. Love, the Tomerlins

  • Ron and Julia Yaist $85.00

  • Catherine Tomerlin $85.00

  • Nicole Holzapfel $75.00

    Best of Luck, Team Bannon!! The Rich Family

  • Timothy Shaffer $75.00

    Go get 'em Breeno, your training buddy.

  • St. mcdonough $70.00

  • Amy Peterson $50.00

    Happy Birthday Charlie! Thank you to you and Team Bannon for inspiring us! xo Lincoln and Regan

  • marcelyn odell $50.00

    In honor of Charlie's Grandmother on his Birthday.

  • Dale and Alice Rair $50.00

  • Christine Wray $50.00

  • David Dastoli $50.00

  • James Boots $50.00

    Good luck Breen! I would last about 1 mile before collapsing......

  • Eva Karsti $50.00

  • Kenneth Goldsboro $50.00

    Thanks for your effort in fighting ALS Breen!

  • Andrew Thomas $50.00

  • Eric Dietrich $50.00

    Danny, your goal is still a 30 minute mile....

  • Justin Soboloski $50.00

    In loving memory of Grandpa Joe

  • Ed Kashi $50.00

  • jeffrey mason $50.00

    Get it done so we can go fishing. Good luck Danny.

  • Wendy Pollack $50.00

  • Karen Augustine $50.00

    Good Luck Dan!

  • Lawrence Napolitan $50.00

  • Gerald Smeltzer $50.00

  • Jerry Smeltzer $50.00

  • Josephine Rice $50.00

    Go Ted! Hugs, Joey

  • Emily Shell $50.00


  • Brian Laraway $50.00

    Keep up the great work!

  • John Orsini $50.00

  • john d sabine $50.00

    best wishes and hydrate !

  • Anonymous $50.00

  • mark Corroto $50.00

    Go team Bannon - This is beter than the Tour de France for us! -Mark and Mel

  • Shawn Fallon $50.00

  • Masonry Plus $50.00

  • Neal Smith $50.00

  • Jean McKenzie $50.00

  • Carla Miller $50.00

  • Century Fournier $50.00

  • Kevin Lamar $50.00

    Great job

  • Marilyn M Schmidt $50.00

  • Theresa Scholz $50.00

  • Lisa klingensmith $50.00

  • Alan kretser $50.00

  • Edward gluck $50.00

  • Ivet ros-perez $50.00

  • Kelly Elswick $40.00

  • Judith Graziano $40.00

  • Lavina Pamnani $30.00

    Happy Birthday Charlie! You should be very proud of this generous act! Way to make a difference in our world and in the lives of others!

  • Kenneth and Johnnie Huber $25.00

  • Gloria Ogram $25.00

  • Ashley Di Geronimo $25.00

    On behalf of Charlie Macdonnell's 8th Birthday and his wish to help Team Bannon...

  • Lesley Abdulhayoglu $25.00

    Happy Birthday to Charlie and good luck to you and Team Banon in your fundraising efforts. The abdulhayoglu's

  • Dana Rose $25.00

    Happy Birthday Charlie and go Team Bannon! xo Jonah Barbin

  • Alexandra Sharma $25.00

    Happy 8th birthday Charlie and go Team Bannon! All the best from Arjun and the Sharma family

  • Veena Moniz $25.00

    For Charlie's grandmother on his 8th birthday. Very thoughtful of you Charlie and Happy Birthday!

  • Susan Gyves $25.00

    In honor of Charlie's grandmother. Happy Birthday Charlie.

  • Thomas Gifford $25.00

  • Maryl Swartz $25.00

  • walter tomich $25.00

  • Gregory Jumper $25.00

  • Nikki Smith $25.00

    Go Breeno!

  • PATRICK BEIL $25.00

    Go Hard or Go Home! Safe riding. Love you, Man!

  • Amanda Frost $25.00

    For the Ironman! From Killer Frost :)

  • Kimberly Cook $25.00

    From Kim & Jim Cook

  • Laura Sockol $25.00

  • John Lippman $25.00

    Go Team Bannon!

  • Lynn Misset $25.00

    Go Lisa. So proud of all of you. Keep up your hard work. I know I couldn't do that Trek! Love, Lynn Malkoff Misset and family

  • Nicole Mullins $25.00

    Go, go, go Ironman Dan! Down with ALS!

  • Vivian Gabriel $25.00

  • Adam Bannon $25.00

  • Michael Prada $25.00

  • Jillian Terreri $25.00

    Good luck!!

  • Ray Smith $25.00

  • Ruth Kunstadter $25.00

  • Deborah Hood $25.00

    Go Dan Go!

  • Carol Curtis $25.00

    Good Luck Team Bannon and God Bless!

  • David Howard $25.00

  • Jessica Licciardello $25.00

  • Nathan Mullen $25.00

  • Sean Soboloski $25.00

  • shawn pompelia $25.00

  • Mauro Jadue $25.00

  • Dr. Kelly Huber $25.00

    Go Dan! Here's to a cure! Love, Kelly H.

  • Roger Smith $25.00

  • Maria Jahonyi $25.00

  • Winifred Himes $25.00

  • Gail Hellman $25.00

  • Josephine Takacs $25.00

  • John Schmidt $25.00

  • Shirley Larson $25.00

  • Allan & Mary Hlebovy $25.00

  • Patricia Freed $25.00

  • Josh Toot $25.00

  • Thomas Gifford $25.00

  • Judith Szpiech $25.00

  • John Jacobs $25.00

  • Stiver stiver $25.00

  • Frederick doering $25.00

  • Trudy Beadnell $20.00

  • Aubrey Blews $20.00

    Good Luck Breen and team! :)

  • Christine Hofmann $20.00

    Good luck Breen!!!!!

  • Hannalie westhuyzen $20.00

  • John Shulack $15.00

  • Byron Harnishfeger $15.00

  • Bonnie pastore $15.00

  • Kathryn Kranhold Hidden

    Go Lisa and Team Bannon. You are all amazing. Kathryn

  • Donald Henken Hidden

  • Hebe Schafer Hidden

    Lisa and Breen we salute your hard work and send you all our love, Hebe, James, Ian and Jackson

  • ruth borgenicht Hidden

    You're amazing!

  • eileen daspin Hidden

    In bocca al lupo xx eileen

  • Jill Kirschenbaum Hidden

  • Dawn Carson Hidden

  • Jacqueline White Hidden

    TED....In memory of Susie..I still miss her everyday. Jackie White