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Riding for those who no longer can.

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Dear Friends and Family,

On June 23, and for the seventh year in a row, I will be participating in the Tri-State Trek, riding my bicycle 280 miles over three days From Boston to Greenwich, CT, along with hundreds of other riders.  The purpose of the Trek is to defeat ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  The funds raised go directly to ALS-TDI, a research facility in Cambridge, Massachusetts, that is on the cutting edge toward slowing down, stopping and eventually finding a cure for this most horrific disease. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord.  As a result, virtually all the muscles in the body atrophy, leaving its victim completely paralyzed.  While all the cognitive abilities remain intact, death is inevitable, often over a period of a few years.

My involvement in this cause is personal, as I will be riding in the memory of and to honor at least thirteen people, some of whom have passed as a result of ALS and others who are battling the disease.  My cousin lost a dear friend and colleague, Dave Pohl.  Two colleagues of mine have family members, Debbie and Uncle Buzz, who have lost their courageous battle with this disease. A friend from Facebook lost her father, Peter.  Then there’s Micheal, Don, Chickie, Celzo, Larry, Carol, Dale and Debra. 

I rode my first Trek to honor the memory of a friend and neighbor, Frank DeGeorge who passed on May 11, 2011.  Frank was a good man; a family man who was very involved in his community.  He was strong and kind, always ready to help.  Throughout his battle, Frank never lost his trademark sense of humor; he was always quick with a joke.  Frank stayed strong to the end, displaying a level of courage that I could only hope to achieve.  All thirteen names will be on the back of my jersey as I cross the finish line.

I have committed to raising $2,500.  I’ll do the hard part.  I’ll push my 68 years old body over the three day, 280 mile journey.  After the successful completion of this Trek, with your help, we will have donated more than $18,500 and I will have ridden my bike 1,960 miles (plus a few thousand miles in training each year) to help find a cure so that no one and no family will have to face the horror of ALS again.

Please find it in your heart to donate ANY amount toward this cause; every dollar helps.  Simply click on the following link and follow the directions.

Thank you for your generosity.


For Frank, and all those affected by ALS, 

Vince Crescenzo

(845) 978-7244




  • Carol Harell $100.00

    Have a good ride for a great cause.

  • Maureen Ryan $100.00

    Always so proud to call you my friend! Ride safe!

  • Mary Fillingham $100.00

    Go get 'em Vinnie!

  • Andy Warren $50.00

  • Joan Markos $50.00

    Thank you for riding for my friend Debbie and for all the others.

  • The Connolly Family $50.00

    In remembrance of your departed comrade!

  • Linda Douthart $50.00

  • RoseMarie Mastrocola $50.00

    You are still my hero! Way to go, Vince!

  • Sandra Forna $50.00

    Thank you for putting my son, Larry's name on your shirt last year. Thank you Vince for continuing to fight for a cure. XO

  • Laura West $25.00

  • Linda Baratta $25.00

    For you Aunt Isabelle.

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