Lisa Bannon's Fundraising Page (2016)

Riding For Chuckie

<h1>Lisa Bannon's Fundraising Page (2016)</h1>

For the 8th year in a row, I plan to ride my bike 280 miles, from Boston to Greenwich, Conn. June 24-26.

Why do I ride in the Tri-State Trek? Because after all these years of fundraising, there's still no cure or effective treatment for ALS, a cruel fatal disease that causes total paralysis.  After our brother Chuck died of ALS in 2009, my brother Breen and I vowed to keep riding until researchers discover some kind of cure or treatment. While the Ice Bucket Challenge raised a ton of money, most of it has gone to care for the 30,000 people living in the U.S. with ALS. But we still must focus on research. 

ALS-TDI which sponsors the annual Trek, is the largest non-profit research institution in the U.S. devoted entirely to ALS research. They depend on the nearly $1 million raised by the Trek every year – almost 10% of their annual budget -- to help fund numerous promising research projects. Thanks to all of you, CrushALS/TeamBannon alone raised over $172,000 last year, the biggest fundraiser of the Trek.  

For this summer’s Trek, we’re coming back even stronger. I’m proud to say that our team that began in 2009 with three riders has grown to 21 this summer from across the U.S. including Seattle, Boston, Washington D.C., Ohio, New York and New Jersey.

I'm really proud that my three children, Nell, Nick and John, will all be volunteering on crew this year.

I’d like to thank all of you for your past donations and especially your moral support through the years. You don’t have to give every year, and you don’t have to give much. For those who do, please know you are making a difference.

Never Give Up!








  • George Steinmetz and Lisa Bannon $1,000.00

    In memory of Chuck and in honor of all those battling ALS right now.

  • Linda and Brian Sterling $1,000.00

    To Lisa, Hugh, and Andy, good luck on the Trek. So proud of you all and your team. May the wind be at your back and the hills be shorter than you remember.

  • Richard and Frances Mayo $500.00

  • Dana and Nina Garvey $500.00

    Your commitment is amazing! Keep on riding until there is a cure.

  • News Corp Giving $500.00

  • Trish & David Peters $300.00

    Ride like the wind! Good Luck!

  • The Sweet Family $300.00

    Ride on Lisa! May the wind be at your back!

  • Juliet & Jonathan Krassenstein $250.00

    Go Team Bannon!

  • Chuck and Joan Bannon $250.00

    In loving memory of Chuckie.

  • The Costin-Streiber Family $250.00

    Hadeeeeee! Go get em!

  • Eben Shapiro $250.00

  • Kathryn and Lisa $200.00

    Cheers to the amazing Bannon team. Go Lisa, Andy and Alan

  • Abby Schultz and Ken Brown $200.00

  • The Waldt Family $200.00

    Better late than never. We're so proud of you Lisa and Team Bannon!!!

  • Christina Lynch $200.00

    I admire you and love you so much! Never stop!

  • Lisa Addario $200.00

  • Martha, Tony, Sarah Kate and Peter Orbach $200.00

    Paul McNair, Paul McNair, we love you.

  • Martin Peers & Donna Nitzberg $200.00

  • Patsy Perl $150.00

    Lisa, your dedication to this cause and the determination it must take to get through this ride continues to inspire me! Wishing you beautiful weather and a safe journey!! Go Lisa!

  • Maureen Kline $100.00

  • The Breckenridge Family $100.00

    Go Lisa Go!!!

  • Dr Chris Creatura $100.00

    wish I could ride with you!

  • Mary Manning and Eric Mangol $100.00

    We're so proud of you!

  • Christina Binkley and James Rubin $100.00

    You amaze me - keep going!

  • Lorraine and Bob Hagerty $100.00

    Thanks for your dedication to this cause! Donating in memory of Carol Hagerty Werner

  • Heidi Rosenfelder-Greenbaum $100.00

    Go Lisa!

  • Deborah Forman $100.00

    Thinking of you all.... Best, The Pavan Family

  • David Sanford and Lewis Stein $100.00

  • Nicole Holzapfel and Christopher Rich $100.00

  • The Barnes/Schafer family $100.00

  • Jennifer Millson $100.00

    Always so inspiring! Congratulations on crushing it again this year!

  • Tami Furman/Aaron Kleinbaum $100.00

    You are all amazing! I hope they find the cure soon so you don't have to continue to do this grueling ride

  • Steinmetz Family $100.00

  • The Hanan Family $100.00

    Back in the saddle... Go Team Bannon!

  • Jason & Amy $100.00

    Thank you so much for your hospitality during the 5 Boro Tour. We truely enjoyed staying with you and your family.

  • Margo Garrison & Geoffrey Darby $100.00

    This year honoring the brave John Rooney.

  • Lydia Wagner $50.00

  • Griffin/Moran $50.00

  • Patti Freed $50.00

    Have a great ride...I'm with you all the way!

  • Lippman-Zukowski Family $50.00

  • The Murphy Family $50.00

    Go Lisa Go!!!

  • Jill Kirschenbaum $50.00

  • Susan FitzGibbon $50.00

    Ride strong & safe, Lisa! Good luck!

  • Lynn and Jean-Claude Misset $50.00

    Go Lisa! So proud of you and all of your family's efforts in this fight against ALS. Keep riding strong! Love, Lynn and Jean-Claude Misset

  • Jessica Licciardello $25.00

  • Lori Loebelsohn $25.00

    Good Luck Lisa and Team. You are riding for a great cause.

  • The New York Community Trust Hidden

  • The Steinmetz Family Hidden

  • Ellen Gamerman Hidden

    Go, Lisa, go!

  • The Slezaks Hidden

    GO LISA!!!

  • Ray Smith Hidden


  • Shari Dreier Hidden