ALS Tri-State Trek / John Wilson's Fundraising Page (2016)

Riding for those who no longer can.

For the fourth consecutive year, I am riding in the Tri-State Trek -- a 270 mile bike ride from Boston to New York that raises money for ALS research.

Two years ago, the Ice Bucket Challenge was a phenomenal success and brought much greater awareness of the devastating effects of ALS.  But while that phenomenon has faded, the need for a cure for ALS remains.

Consider the following: 

• 450,000 people live with ALS globally, 30,000 of whom are in the U.S. 

• Any disease impacting less than 200,000 in the U.S. is considered a rare disease, effecting the level of funding for research into a cure.

• Almost 6,000 people per year are diagnosed with ALS in the U.S.  That means that the average life span for someone diagnosed is around 5 years.   The lack of long term survivors also impacts fundraising for research.

• There is currently no cure or effective treatment for ALS.  

ALS-TDI, which sponsors the annual Trek, is the largest non-profit research institution in the U.S. devoted entirely to ALS research.   They are a private lab.  They depend on the money raised by the Trek each year to fund numerous promising research projects.  

I joined a team of seven riders for the Trek in 2013 with no direct connection to ALS and limited knowledge about it.  Over the last three years, spending time with these families, their loved ones who suffer from the disease, and the phenomenal doctors and staff of ALS-TDI has inspired me and my teammates.  Last year, our team grew to 13 riders and raised $172,000, the biggest fundraising team of the Trek.  This year we have our sights set on raising $200,000, and we can use your support as we ride for a cure.   

Thank you to all of you have given in the past. 

If you would like to make a donation this year, please log on to my fundraising page at





  • on behalf of John Graham $5,000.00

  • Hal and Jodi Hess $5,000.00

    On behalf of John Graham

  • King & Spalding $5,000.00

  • Michael & Babette DeFelice $2,500.00

    On behalf of John L. Graham

  • Tutti regazzi de Belvedere $2,000.00

    On behalf of John Graham

  • Andrew Gasper & Ana Molina $1,000.00

    On behalf of John Graham

  • John Wilson $1,000.00

  • Tony Rothermel $1,000.00

    On behalf of John Graham

  • The Marooney Family $1,000.00

  • American Towers Llc $1,000.00

  • Isam Salah $500.00

  • Carmen Lawrence $500.00

  • Lindsey and Josh Kamin $500.00

  • Bruce W. Baber $500.00

  • Sarah & Jim Borders $500.00

  • The Johnsons $500.00

  • Thigpens $500.00

  • Jennifer & Wil Ward $500.00

  • Steph Curry on behalf of John Graham $500.00

    Raining 3s

  • Dr. Dray(mond) Green on behalf of John Graham $500.00

    I finally got it together

  • The Earth Pigs of Ios singing Kumbaya $500.00

    On behalf of John Graham

  • Anonymous $300.00

  • The Raskin Family $250.00

  • David Fine & Kelly Tsai $250.00

  • Bob Perry $250.00

  • Ken Sonnenfeld $250.00

    Good luck!

  • The Chapman Family $250.00

  • Margaret Ann Burtchaell $250.00

    Have a great ride for this important cause!

  • Timothy Goodwin & Andrea Weyermann $250.00

  • Jill Anderson $200.00

  • The Powells $200.00

  • Anonymous $200.00

  • Mike Hannigan $200.00

  • Michael V Defelice $150.00

    On Behalf of John Graham

  • Kate Ferguson $150.00

  • Michael V Defelice $100.00

    On behalf of John Graham

  • Chris & Mary Richard McCoy $100.00

  • Doug Elsbeck $100.00

  • Jaclyn Tortora $100.00

  • Kristina Thomas $100.00

  • Kathy Minniti $100.00

    Happy riding!

  • Taryn Reynolds $100.00

  • Brent and Kimberly Gilfedder $100.00

  • James H. Lokey, Jr. $100.00

  • David Hudson $100.00

  • Robert Leclerc $100.00

  • Kathleen McCarthy $100.00

  • Michael V Defelice $74.26

    On behalf of John Graham

  • Michael V Defelice $70.74

    On behalf of John Graham

  • Dom & Aines Ott $59.95

    On behalf of John Graham

  • Vincent Young $50.00

    On behalf on John Graham

  • Hakeem (Akeem?) Olajuwon $50.00

    On behalf of John Graham - H-town

  • Errick Lynne Williams, Jr. $50.00

    John Graham - Go Horns

  • Oail Andrew Phillips $50.00

    Bum on behalf of John Graham

  • Sheryl Kass Hidden

  • Christopher Hoffman Hidden

  • Zahra Zaidi Hidden