Team Truman Fundraising Page (2015)

I ride for Amy

<h1>Team Truman Fundraising Page (2015)</h1>

~~November 2013, my wife Amy was diagnosed with ALS and our world changed forever. Once we worked through the shock, the denial and the initial grief, we resolved to fight this... and we resolved to win. ALS is a cruel disease at any age, but Amy is only 39. We have too much life to live. We have two young boys to raise together. We are meant to grow old together. So we are doing everything in our power to overcome this.

We believe ALS is not the death sentence that it was even five years ago... the research and trials and advancements are happening now at an amazing rate. So much of this is due to the work of organizations like the ALS Therapy Development Institute. We have toured their facilities and met the people who work there and their passion shines through. Almost to a person, the people at ALS TDI have a personal connection to the disease and this drives them. We believe that they are one of the most progressive and effective institutes around and we believe they will be part of the cure. This ride will fund their efforts and bring them closer.

I am not ready to let Amy go. I ride with the hope that I won’t have to.




  • Connect Partners Inc $3,000.00

  • Gina Bertucci $1,000.00

    for my friend Amy, God bless you & your family, love Gina

  • Gerard $500.00

  • Mitchell Albert $500.00

  • Betty and Vinnie Stumbris $500.00

    Go Jeremy..we're proud of you !!

  • Carol and Gary Crossen $500.00

  • Steve, Margot, Gabe, and Simon $400.00

    Happy 40th Birthday! We love you!

  • Teresa Walrath $250.00

    Thinking of you, Team Truman, and sending good energy your way.

  • Michelle, Terry, & Olivia!! $250.00

    YEA JDAWG!!!

  • Miller Nissan $250.00

  • The L.M. Reid Group, LLC $250.00

  • Johanna Troy $200.00

  • Leslie SIlverman $150.00

  • Winnie Mui $150.00

  • Chiovitti Family $150.00

    Stay Strong and Keep the Faith!

  • Tunca $100.00

  • Darryl Rego $100.00

    Hi Amy - I always knew you to be someone who overcame adversity. You've always had a great attitude. You can fight this and win.

  • Cam, Jen and Matt $100.00

  • Mary and Gordon Whatley $100.00

  • Uncle Pete and Aunt Jeanne $100.00

    GO JEREMY!!!

  • Renee Keesen $100.00

    Praying for you and your family Amy and Jeremy and for longevity in your lives together.

  • Lisa Esposito $100.00

  • Amy Miranda $100.00

    Happy 40th Birthday!!!

  • Shauna Pieniazek $100.00

  • Steve, Margot, Gabe, & Simon $100.00

    Go Jeremy!!

  • Pat & Keefer Welch $100.00

    sending you love and hugs

  • Matt Baio $100.00

    I miss you guys!!!

  • Vigeant Family $100.00

    Amy, our prayers and hope are with you and your family always.

  • Tammy Jersey - TKJ Associates $100.00

  • Shepro & Hawkins, LLC $100.00

  • Your Friends at Frederick P. Clark Associates, Inc. $100.00

  • Heather Davis $100.00

    Awesome job to all the riders. Thinking of you and your family Amy!!

  • Barry Strom $100.00

  • The Vitulano and Tomza Family $100.00

    We love you guys!

  • The Karcher Family $100.00

  • Fred and Anita Vigeant $60.00

  • Anonymous $50.00

  • The Treacy family $50.00

  • Jennifer Mead $50.00

  • John Dorman & Family $50.00

    Were there with you keep on fighting. ALL RIGHT!!!

  • Truman Family $50.00

  • Glenn Archer $50.00

  • Marlene & Bobby Badolato $50.00

    Wishing you well!

  • Carla Pinto $50.00

  • Steven Ryder $50.00

  • Claire Vojick $50.00

  • Team Truman $50.00

    🚲 GO JEREMY 🚲 You guys have the best smiles!!!!! Love You

  • Sarah Hernandez $50.00

  • Shirley Conley $50.00

    Go Jeremy!

  • Hussain $50.00

  • Katie Weber $40.00

  • Carol Hamilton $25.00

    Merry Christmas Trumans!!! Thank you for all you do! XOXOXO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carmela McLaughlin $25.00

  • Dawn and Dave Rice $25.00

    Ride Jeremy...Ride! :)

  • Patricia McLaughlin $25.00

  • Mary Ingram $20.00

  • Sara Nolan $10.00

  • Faith :) Love - Lisa Cirello $10.00

  • Kerry Kozaczuk $5.00

  • Building and Land Technology Hidden

  • Liz & Jeff Hidden

    You and your family are making a difference in the fight against ALS and we are thankful. Keep on fighting. So many smart, creative people out there with amazing technology now - they have to figure

  • Mary E Taylor Hidden