Steve Latimer's Tri State Trek-Ride to End ALS' Fundraising Page (2015)

270 miles-Boston to NY

<h1>Steve Latimer's Tri State Trek-Ride to End ALS' Fundraising Page (2015)</h1>

Thanks to the sensational internet response to the Ice Bucket Challenge, many of you now have at least some passing knowledge about ALS, its crippling, and fatal, impact on those that contract it, and the on-going challenges of finding a cure.

The Ice Bucket Challenge was a windfall for the national organization, and for the small non-profit biotech firm that we support, ALS Therapy Development Institute (  ALS TDI specifically received over $3 million (compared to a typical $10 million budget) and, given the short, 5 year average life expectancy of those with ALS, has pledged to spend that windfall quickly and effectively in clinical trials and other urgent needs.

Those extra resources will help advance the goal to end ALS.  But alas, that goal has yet to be met, and funds are needed to support the daily operations and fantastic research of ALS TDI to accomplish that ultimate goal.  The Tri State Trek, the Ride to End ALS, funds close to 10% of the ALS TDI annual budget.  That need, reinforced by the facts below which were included in my letter last year, is why I ride, and will continue to ride, in the Tri State Trek,  until the goal is met:

  • 450,000 people live with ALS globally, 30,000 of whom are in the U.S.
  • Any disease impacting less than 200,000 in the U.S. is considered a rare disease, effecting the level of funding for research into a cure.
  • Almost 6,000 people per year are diagnosed with ALS in the U.S.  That means that the average life span for someone diagnosed is around 5 years.   The lack of long term survivors also impacts fundraising for research.

The 270 mile, three day bike ride, from Boston to Greenwich, takes place June 26-28, 2015.  I am asking that you support me as we make our way through the winding hills of Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Please log on to my fundraising page at to contribute.  Many of you are work associates as well as friends.  My compliance department would appreciate it if you would limit your contribution to $1,000.

Please be generous.  I am very appreciative of your support.





  • Andrew Davidoff $1,000.00

  • Murray Hill Properties $1,000.00

  • Rick Kirk $1,000.00

  • Clyde Holland $1,000.00

  • Jeffrey Weber $1,000.00

  • The Silk Family Foundation $1,000.00

  • Jeanne Roccon Rohm & Gerry Rohm $1,000.00

    Good luck with your is a great cause...

  • Christopher P. Hoffmann $1,000.00

  • Kevin Shannon $1,000.00

  • The Cordes Family $1,000.00

    Great that you are doing this for finding a cure for ALS!

  • Urban Renaissance Group $750.00

  • Marcum Khouri $500.00

  • Deluca Family $500.00

    Go get 'em Steve.

  • Richard Mendelson $500.00

  • Matt Griffin $500.00

  • Palmer Capital Inc $500.00

  • Stuart Williams $500.00

  • Quentin Kuhrau $500.00

    Sorry I can't ride with you guys this year! Good luck - I'll be with you in spirit!

  • JSH Properties, Inc. $500.00

  • Bruce and Shelley Morrison $500.00

  • Pat And Paula Donahue Family Foundation Fund $500.00

  • Ganong Family $500.00

    Enjoy a wind at your back ride...

  • Michael Leggett $500.00

  • Schoenfeld Family Foundation $500.00

  • The Jug Family $250.00

    Go Steve -- and God Bless you!

  • Lee/Busto Family $250.00

  • Gregory Johnson $250.00

  • Jonathan Mechanic $250.00

    Good luck on the trek. Best. Your friend, JM

  • Doug and Jeri Donnelly $250.00

    go get em Big Steve!

  • Dave Augustavo $230.00

  • Roth $200.00

  • Legacy Partners $200.00

  • Clete $200.00

  • Roth $200.00

  • Jeffrey Usow $150.00

    Steve, thanks, great cause.

  • Ramage Insurance Agency, Inc. $150.00

  • Frances Latimer $150.00

  • Julie & Dan Little $150.00

  • Julie & Dan Little $150.00

  • Manuel Garibay $100.00

  • Ashley Powell $100.00

  • mckoin $100.00

  • The Goodwin family $100.00

  • Diane Olmstead $100.00

    Steve - I love that you do this! BRAVO!!!!

  • Susan Sagy $100.00

    Steve- Very impressive and for a great cause!

  • Tom Peterson $100.00

  • Anonymous $20.00

  • The Killian Family Hidden

  • Stacey Magee Hidden

    Steve, your dedication to this important cause is so impressive. Best of luck on your ride.

  • Stephen Van Dusen Hidden

  • Mike McCann Hidden

  • Joel Redmon Hidden

  • Tom Abbott Hidden

    Have fun and ride safe. Tom

  • The Tagen Family Hidden

  • Brian Collins Hidden

    Good luck Steve

  • Adam Bowser Hidden

  • James Hendricks Hidden

  • The D'Emilio Family Hidden

  • Steve and Anna Brunette Hidden

    Nice work, Steve!