Team Sepucha's Fundraising Page (2015)

Riding for Those Who Can't

<h1>Team Sepucha's Fundraising Page (2015)</h1>

This summer, Laura, Dave and Bobby are riding 270 miles to honor our father, Bob Sepucha, and find an effective treatment for ALS. Please join us in our fight to end this disease and ensure that no one else has to endure what Dad did.

That’s Dad to the left. In the spring of 2010, he was diagnosed with ALS. At the time, all we knew of the disease was that its full name was nearly impossible to pronounce and that someone as strong as Lou Gehrig was unable to beat it. Less than four years later, our father is gone and we know more – much more – about this horrible disease than we ever wished.

ALS claims thousands of new victims each year. It typically starts with muscle weakness and spreads at varying speeds. Eventually, total paralysis sets in. But even as the brain continues to function normally, the disease exacts an enormous physical and emotional toll. ALS does not just destroy the body; it attacks the spirit as well.

But as awful as ALS is, Dad never let it change him. There were certainly times when we were worried it had crushed him. But in the end, he remained who he always was – the smartest, bravest, strongest man in the world. He stayed our Dad.

Now that he’s gone, we swore we would join the effort to find a cure. That’s why we’re riding from Boston to New York this June. We ride to raise money to fund cutting edge research. We ride to honor those who have bravely fought this disease and those whose fight continues to this day.

But most of all, we ride because Dad can’t.

Please join us. Donate today and join the ride against ALS. 




  • Julie & Richard Penington $10,000.00

  • Karen and Bobby Sepucha $5,000.00

  • Mary Sepucha $5,000.00

    Thanks, guys. I'll be there watching but wish I could ride with you. love, Mom

  • Mary Sepucha $3,500.00

  • Greg and Sue Rausch $1,000.00

  • Kim Sonnen $1,000.00

  • The Bgr Foundation Inc $1,000.00

  • Jennifer Braceras $750.00

  • Adam Gluck $500.00

  • Dave, Cindy, Sam, and April $500.00

    We miss you Poppy!

  • The Penington Family - Jerry, Victoria, Taylor & Ryan $500.00

  • James Jordan $500.00

  • Joe & Anne Andrew $500.00

  • John, Claire and Erin $500.00

  • Laura, Kate, and Andie Cressey $500.00

    Let's ride! We will be thinking of you Poppy -- we miss you every day!!!

  • Colin, Joanne and Rose Roskey $300.00

  • Jeff Yoder and Diane Pfeifer $300.00

  • Jay and Cyndi Gonzalez $250.00

    Go Team Sepucha!

  • J and Steffie Lowder $250.00

    Keep up the good work Guys, good luck on your ride!

  • Scott Ash $250.00

  • Carole Cushing $250.00

  • Meredith Irvin $250.00

  • John and Sissy $250.00

    We love and admire each and every one in Team Sepucha. You do our dear Bob proud.

  • The McCabe Family $250.00

    Good luck Team Sepucha!! Ride like the wind

  • The Merhige Family $250.00

  • Rausch $250.00

  • The Deininger Family $250.00

  • Lurene and Wayne Clarke $250.00

  • Dunnigan/Kamian Family $250.00

    Thanks Team Sepucha for helping fight ALS!

  • The Cohen-Spector Family $250.00

    Go Team Sepucha!

  • Elizabeth Lowery $250.00

    Go Team Sepucha!

  • Cathleen OKeefe $250.00

  • Sharon Pfeifer $250.00

  • Doug and Kathy Johnson $250.00

    Congratulations on another great ride!

  • McCarthy Family $200.00

  • Teresa Penington $200.00

    My Uncle Bob is my hero. I remember his strength and courage and it helps me during times of challenge. May the wind be at your back.

  • Whit & Kathleen Porter $200.00

    KP will make some fig chicken for the ride if you want

  • The Murray's $200.00

  • Elizabeth Brenkus $200.00

  • Dolby Match Program $200.00

  • Scott and Aileen Wiate $150.00

    Thoughts and prayers always......and will be rooting you on in June Will see you at the finish line this year!

  • The Carr Family $150.00

  • Betty Mruk and Chuck Paoletti $100.00

    Our thoughts and prayers to you as you continue to honor Bob and this courageous cause.

  • Anna and Jeff Monaco $100.00

    Go Team Sepucha!

  • Karen Rieger $100.00

  • The Lynch Family $100.00

  • Team Sepucha $100.00

  • Don and LeAnne Zumwalt $100.00

  • Thornhill Family $100.00

  • Steven Apsel $100.00

  • Alex and Laura Laats $100.00

  • Greg and Ellie Penington $100.00

    We are so proud of all of you. Good luck Team Sepucha!

  • The Ginsberg Family $100.00

  • Laura Miller $100.00

  • Katie Holden $100.00

  • The Groht Family $100.00

    In honor of Uncle Bob and all that you have done to help fight ALS. His memory lives on in us all......

  • Eileen Hannigan $100.00

    Good Luck Laura

  • The Kuwana Family $100.00

  • Jean and John Smith $100.00

    Good luck team Sepucha!

  • Mike and Pam Poth $100.00

    Laura, What a wonderful way to honor your Dad. Good luck next weekend. xxPAM

  • Molly $100.00

    Go, team, go!! much love, xo m

  • Sepucha $100.00

    Much love to Bobby Sepucha and entire family.

  • Kate and Errin Crowell $100.00

  • Sue & Bob Root $100.00

  • Good Luck Bobby - The Cushing Family! $100.00

  • Cupp $100.00

  • Michele Cormack $100.00

  • Jeff Larkin & Shannon Toole $100.00

  • Mr and Mrs Ladd $100.00

  • Janet Gaskins and Landscape Designs Inc. $100.00

  • Susan and Cb Nardone $100.00

    Best of luck to you and your team!

  • Cherilyn Cepriano $100.00

  • The Hamlins $100.00

  • Anonymous $100.00

  • Sam and Alba McClure $100.00

    Go Team Sepucha!!

  • Kris Sallade $100.00

  • Stephen Andrews $100.00

  • Allan Koswick $100.00

  • Keith Wheeler $100.00

  • Team Sepucha $75.00

  • Sheila and David Dugan $50.00

    We are honored to back this ride and will always hold Bob tenderly in our hearts and prayers

  • Nancy Messina $50.00

  • Charles Rausch $50.00

  • The Small Family $50.00

  • The Kinney Family $50.00

  • John and Amy Davagian $50.00

  • The Hatcher Family $50.00

    The Hatchers are rooting for you.🚴🏻

  • The Burnett Family $50.00

  • Ryan and Mary (Pfeifer) Brehm $50.00

    Such a worthy cause. Best wishes.

  • The Dugan family $50.00

    In honor of Bob Sepucha. With love, Sheila, David, Mary and Michael Dugan

  • The Reed Family $50.00

  • The Staniars $50.00

    Congratulations Bobby. I hope you survived the rain. What a great cause.

  • Charlie Rausch $50.00

  • Andrea Strano $25.00

  • The Chidiac Family Hidden

    Bobby: Best wishes to you and your siblings on your ride. What a wonderful way to honor your dad. You and your family are in our thoughts~ Amy, Cam, Jackson, Teddy & Siena

  • Wendy Millette Hidden

  • Kathleen Smith Hidden

    I am happy to support your family's efforts, Bobby. They honor your father and are a tribute to the man and role model he was in your lives.

  • Bryan, Janice, James & Allison Neff Hidden

    So happy to support you three! Go Team Sepucha!!

  • Jay Hachigian Hidden

  • The Moorheads Hidden

    Keep on fighting!

  • The Bodenraders Hidden

    Good Luck Bobby!!!

  • The Ismans Hidden

    Good luck on the ride!

  • Andrea Collier Hidden

  • Jane Pfeifer Hidden

  • Linda Kingsley Hidden

    Go girl!!

  • Nalini Pande Hidden

    Go Team Sepucha! What a wonderful thing you are doing and such a beautiful tribute to your father.